By NBF News

Since the Re-brand Nigeria campaign project championed by the Hon. Minister of Information and Communication, Prof. Dora Akunyili began, some Nigerians in the Diaspora are doing the nation proud through their contributions in the area of trade and commerce.

It beat the imagination of some countries that as rich as Nigeria is, she is classed among poor nations in the world despite her natural endowment both in human and natural resources, yet majority of Nigerians are living below poverty line. Her citizens are hard working, intelligent and creative.

But virtually everything we consume is imported. Formerly I thought people like Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Philip Emeagwali and others are the only Nigerians making us proud in other lands until I visited China and a Chinese told me about a Nigerian whose achievements and integrity earn him the trust of the Chinese people hence he has Re-branded Nigeria's image in China and I was taken to the Blue Diamond Logistics China warehouse where all the shipment and Cargo to Nigeria, Africa and other part of the world are effected. I was speechless at the efficiency and the effectiveness of their operations.

I was proud to see a Nigerian calling the shot in a setting that was dominated by foreigners. During break I was opportune to discuss with this Nigerian, Mr. Festus Uzoma Mbisiogu from Umuchima in Ideator South LGA of Imo State, and he told me how honesty and integrity earned him the trust and confidence of the Chinese authorities since 1998 during the early days of the company's operations in China. The Business administration graduate from University of Lagos is truly a worthy ambassador whose credibility endeared him to almost all.

However, due to high patronage, Blue Diamond today has one of the best hotels in Dubai known as Blue Diamond Hotel where customers are accommodated until they are through with their business transactions. And just recently the company opened a truck warehouse in New Jersy U.S to offer Africans and Nigerians similar opportunities. However, I took time to explain the antecedents of Mr. Mbisiogu so that we can learn how to be selfless and honest which is the magic of the success of Blue Diamond.

According to him most Nigerian leaders who visits China always ask how the Chinese example can be replicated in Nigeria as they are astonished when they know that Blue Diamond is owned by a Nigerian. He said he always reminds our leaders that the success of China is steady power supply upon which small scale industries thrive and unless power is steady, Nigeria cannot provide employment for her teem youths.

Therefore people like Mbisiogu should be part of our policy making so that he can transfer his wealth of knowledge that has helped China manage unemployment problem through job creation. Today Mr. Mbisiogu is seen and address as Mr. Nigeria in China, Hong Kong and Dubai.