Isa Yuguda And The Character Of Nigerian Politicians


By George Onmonya Daniel
What in the world is Governor Isa Yuguda looking for? What in hell did he want? I have asked myself these questions for the tenth time and couldn't fathom exactly what an up-and-coming politician like Isa Yuguda is doing ensnaring himself in such controversial politics of self destruction leaving the ANPP for the PDP. It is obviously wrong timing, from marrying the daughter of President Musa Umar Yar'adua to joining the president's political party. And it left me pondering.

Is Yuguda securing a second term for himself as Bauchi State governor for abandoning the ANPP for the PDP? Is he afraid that the ANPP cannot win the election in Bauchi State in 2011 and opted for the PDP's 'do or die affair' tactics introduced by Olusegun Obasanjo because he is already embroiled in such scandal as inflating contracts worth billion of naira that is still pending in the ICPC/EFCC? Or is it the CBN Governor he wanted that bad as people are speculating? Whatever it is, by dumping the ANPP for the PDP, Governor Isa Yuguda has committed political suicide. Many people will certainly remember this time in Yuguda's political career and this time will surely come back to haunt him.

For the benefit of those who did not know, Governor Isa Yuguda faught his way into becoming governor of Bauchi State with the support of the people at a time and situation when such feat seemed impractical. He did it at a time when the PDP gave their outgoing governors the power to choose their successors and impose him/her on the state whether the people like it or not. Isa Yuguda who was in the PDP was not anointed by the former governor, Adamu Muazu, so he was rigged out in the primaries of the gubernatorial election and Muazu's man, Nadada, was taken to represent the PDP. Yuguda was forced out and humiliated by his PDP friends and he later joined the ANPP on whose platform he won the election amidst rigging and violence all over Nigeria . It was an inspiring story. The story of the victory of democracy, and the credit goes to the voters of Bauchi State who showed a nation that the people still matters in an election contrary to popular belief that the people's mandate does not count in the end. That was the story of Isa Yuguda until he decided to throw everything away for some reason.

Since becoming governor, Isa Yuguda has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. First, he was accused of inflating contracts worth 62billion naira, and then there are reports from all over Bauchi State that he is not performing as there are no signs of any notable developments and achievements since his predecessor, Adamu Muazu left the government house. And the most appalling of all was his over dramatized wedding to the daughter of Yar'adua then deciding to leave the ANPP for the president's party at a wrong time. Isa Yuguda has lost focus. What he should be doing is bringing development to Bauchi State like his Lagos State counterpart, Governor Fashola. Let his work speak fro him.

I am particularly interested in Bauchi State politics because I was in Bauchi during the election of 2007 and after and witnessed how Isa Yuguda came to power under the ANPP after the PDP dumped him. I have no problem with a politician leaving one party for another if he/she has an ideological reason that is genuine, but not for personal interest as the case with Isa Yuguda, not caring about the feelings of the hundred of thousands of electorates who sacrificed so much to make him governor. His action of abandoning his party for another is an insult to the sensibilities of those who supported and voted him. I am sure Isa Yuguda did not care like the typical Nigerian politician.

From a serious minded aspiring politician most of us assumed Isa Yuguda is, today he has cheapened himself to an unserious opportunistic fellow who is out to achieve personal interest and not to serve the people. Even though people like me who once took him seriously are disappointed and heartbroken, we will survive through this period of politics of mediocrity, selfishness, greed and corruption. Nigeria will definitely survive this crop of politicians.

I feel sad that after all the people of Bauchi State have done for Isa Yuguda the man is now paying back like a typical Nigerian politician. Now that he is governor why should care about the people? Why should he care how they feel?

One thing I know is that season comes and season goes, people come and people go, governors come and governors go. Isa Yuguda should remember that.

George Onmonya Daniel
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