By David Ajiboye
Ganiyat Ogundele
Ganiyat Ogundele
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If you have seen the movie, Owo Eje, then you'll know the role played by Bisi (Ganiyat Ogundele), in the movie. She's the fiancee of Sule Igbira, a cocoa merchant killed mysteriously in that movie. Cornered at a movie location in Akure recently, the delectable actress reveals everything about herself to Movie People in her first major press interview. Excerpts:

Journey to drama
I didn't set out to become an actress initially. I got admission into the university to study English and along the line, I just found myself in Drama. I was actually motivated by the people, I met at my department and before I knew it, I was deeply in love with drama.

First Movie
In terms of movie, Owo Eje, produced by Remdel Optimum Communication gave me the first exposure and since that experience, it has been quite interesting, beautiful and quite awesome. It was immediately I finished the movie that I went for my National Youth Service, in Kano, so there was a gap in-between and by the time I got back, I discovered that people could still identify me, they could still recognise me out from a crowd. It was, indeed, a nice experience to have acted in that epic movie alongside the world-class stars paraded in the movie.

Apart from Owo-Eje, I've taken part in a television production entitled, The Station produced by Common Ground Productions and this production by Remdel again, Igba Nba jo...

Other job apart from movie
I'm into fashion. Although, I don't have an outfit at the moment, I'm just coming up gradually and I'm also involved in making up artistes and supply of costumes at movie locations.

Plans to set up own production outfit
No. I don't have that plan now. I still want to feature more in movies, gain more experience and exposure and have enough money before I give it a thought. It requires a lot of money to set up a production outfit. For now, I'm still learning.

Promiscuity among movie practitioners
It has always been the case since the beginning; women in movie are regarded as being promiscuous. But I think it is more of an individual thing than being collectively labelled promiscuous. It is something you'll find in every aspect of life; accounting, journalism, banking, teaching, medicine and others. It is more of an individual thing. The type of life you live, the type of people you move with dictates who you are. In terms of promiscuity, it's a general thing that is not limited to movie practitioners alone.

The Nigerian movie industry
The Nigerian movie industry is growing and one must commend the efforts of various bodies and individuals who have contributed immensely in the Nollywood project. The industry at the moment is going through some transformation which will help and encourage both the practitioners and the government. Even the fact that the music industry has just witnessed a boom is a testimony to the fact that the movie industry will soon get there.

Involvement in the production of the movie Owo Eje
I was in Lagos, because we had a break in school. It was a sister in my department that actually called me to come to Akure for audition. I took permission from my dad and he allowed me to go. It was when I got to Akure that I was given a Yoruba script, I thought it was the normal stage drama we used to stage in school but it was not, it was a big project with a lot of stars. I didn't know it was a movie that will later transform my life and give me a direction on the field.

The script was challenging but I had to brace up, I took one of the major roles.

My name is Ganiyat Ogundele. I'm a native of Ifo in Ogun State. I had both my Primary and secondary schools education in Lagos before gaining admission to read Drama at the Dramatic Arts Department of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and I finished in 2004.