Nigeria at this 21st century should be a country of indisputable reputation and honor

By Report News

Nigeria at this 21st century should be a country of indisputable reputation and honor, but the dubious/earth bounded leaders have caused our darling motherland to be a place full of bribery and corruption, which have so much degraded the standard of living of this country, and so glaringly disgraced the image of Nigeria.

Mainstream of Nigerian, problem are that we grant preferential treatment even to the bad leaders and they mislead the country, so the poor masses out of frustration, indulge themselves into activities that might be referred to as criminal in order to make a living or stay alive, which had caused Nigeria to be an anarchy country.

Reformation or Re - orientation is something that has to start from the leaders, because leaders are like Shepherd(s) and we are like the sheep. Shepherd(s) are made to live by example while we the Sheep imitate. Whereas the Shepherds are corrupt greater part of the Sheep from all indication will be corrupt, but if the Shepherds are of indisputable reputation the Sheep will follow. The work of the Sheep is to follow the Shepherd and not the Shepherd following its Sheep.

Check and Balances as we know as just theory and not practical in Nigeria, which have caused people in top public office holders to use their position to either destroy the reputation of the Government or Steal Government Funds and they will go scot-free because nobody will question each other since they are playing same game. But it is a shame and disgrace, that an office which you are sworn in to guide are being mislead.

Meanwhile, I work with the Imo - State Judiciary and I wish to report scandals that have been in existence.

Mr. Speedwell O. Nwaneri is using his position as the Director of Probate Registrar to swindle/scandalize Inheritance Funds.

Funds that are supposed to go into State Judiciary Treasury go into Mr. Speedwell O. Nwaneri personal purse, due to the fact that there are little or no checks and balance in the system.

Outrageous numbers of Inheritance Fund beneficiaries are either not paid or paid one third of their Inheritance Fund, whereas the others that are suppose to go into the States account should any other person/beneficiary in subsequent case comes up with reasonable proof of ownership will then be paid from the part that goes into the State Judiciary Treasury, but this Mr. Speedwell O. Nwaneri takes its advantage and diverts funds to his individual purse for his own use, thereby denying the State Judiciary its fund.

For the sake of my job and that of my dear family security, I cannot go into details, because I understand that this Mr. Speedwell O. Nwaneri is highly connected and as well very deceitful and aggressive.

Mr. Speedwell O. Nwaneri, should be investigated properly, as he have good numbers of properties/estates but in his home town and in the city of Owerri, worth millions of naira, which he have embezzled from the State Probate Registrar and that of other private individuals under the disguise as the Director or Probate Registrar.

I am only reporting this inconformity with my belief as a faithful Christian, and for the sake of securitization/reorganization of the State Judiciary system and the country at large.

Adequate consideration should be taken!

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