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Brody took legal action against the makers of Giallo last month

Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody has won a legal battle against the makers of an Italian-set thriller movie for which he claims he was not fully paid.

The producers of Giallo – in which the actor played dual roles – have been ordered to stop distributing, marketing or selling the film in the US.

Giallo Productions Ltd and Hannibal Pictures are also prevented from using Brody's likeness to promote the title.

Made in 2008, Giallo saw Brody play an FBI agent hunting a killer in Italy.

The Pianist star also played the murderer under the pseudonym Byron Deidra – an anagram of his name.

Brody, 37, alleges he is owed $640,000 (£405,753) for his work in the film and that it was released on DVD in the US last month without his consent.

He claims the film's producers misled him about financing and overstated the value of the film's Italian distribution rights.

In a statement, Brody said he was reluctantly forced to sue the film-makers.

“At no point did I ever wish to be involved in a legal dispute, but after over a year of attempting to resolve this matter I was left with no other alternative,” he said.

“I am greatly appreciative of the court's ruling which protects me, and shows support for all artists who have been manipulated and taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers,” he added.

The producers' lawyer has denied his clients behaved improperly.

Giallo was not released in the UK but was screened at London's FrightFest film festival in August 2009.