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We will reclaim our mandate despite satanic, demonic opposition, says Uduaghan

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FORMER Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan yesterday stormed the oil-rich city of Warri in the blaze of glory for the first time after his election was annulled, imploring Deltans to be steadfast in the bid to reclaim their mandate, just as he said those carrying out satanic opposition against the state will not have their way.

He then appealed to Deltans to be calm, especially in the days ahead when the re-run would be conducted by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Addressing newsmen in Warri, the former governor who had earlier waded through a sea of Deltans and waving cheerfully to them at the Osubi Airport as about 1.55p.m yesterday, said “I am happy and excited it was a big surprise as I did not have a wind of what was going to happen. My decision to come back was taken less than 24 hours ago and for you to mobilize all these less than 24 hours ago shows that we are very much on ground.”

Our Correspondents report that Deltans thronged the Osubi Airport as early as 8.00a.m waiting for the arrival of their former Governor.

According to him; “Let me just give you this secret. I have been with these people (Deltans) all my life time. I schooled in Delta, was born and bred here (Delta) the only time I left here was to the University of Benin, Edo State. But as soon as I finished, I came to Delta and started working and I have been living in Delta State. They know me and I know them and I will not come from any other place to look for a mandate.”

“I want to thank all of you, who have been very patient. The day this thing happened (annulment) if not for the lot of work people did, the story would have been different because alot of people were upset and they were ready to go on rampage. Today, I can see that the people are ready to claim their mandate,” he stated.

Dr. Uduaghan also said; “Now let me emphasize that it is not just only Uduaghan's mandate but a mandate for PDP and it is the grassroot people mandate. For those who have been all over the place, carrying out demonic opposition, satanic opposition, let me assure them that they cannot succeed.”

Continuing, the former governor said “We are not afraid of opposition, we are not afraid of criticism but when the opposition becomes demonic and satanic, it is no longer acceptable. And I can assure you that Deltans are ready to handle any demonic opposition in the state.”

In his words also, “The message to Deltans is that we are fully back and on ground, to claim our mandate. And the things we have done for Deltans before, the hope and aspirations of people will be restored by the grace of God. People that have benefitted from our free maternity services, those that have been given buses, those viewing TV centres to watch football matches we will do more and for those who have not benefitted, they will benefit the more especially our youths. The future is yours.”

“I am assured a lot of companies now come to Delta. Delta is now the preferred choice of destinations for investors. Delta is now an enabling environment for investors. People just talk about infrastructures and Airports. These are not the only things we have done, we did them because we need them for industries to come and alot is yet to come. Sometimes I am very happy when people compare a three and half year's administration to eight years old administration. It means we have done well and we will do more,” Dr. Uduaghan said.

Just as he said that; “To my fellow PDP members, if I have offended you, forgive me. It is a PDP challenge, so let's remain in PDP”.


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