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Akpabio: That Lady Of Song`s 50TH Anniversary Advert

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It was interesting seeing those advertisement placements by Akwa Ibom Governor felicitating with the Lady of Songs, Chief Dr (Mrs.) Christy Essien Igbokwe, MFR, on her attainment of the golden age. Akpabio signed the advertisement 'on behalf of his wife, government and good people of Akwa Ibom'. One may have gotten the impression that Akpabio now regrets his past false accusation against one of his benefactors and worthy daughter of not only the Niger Delta but also of Nigeria.

  A source close to the family of Christy squealed that the spiritually-gifted woman was not moved by the advertisements, claiming there is likely evil plot underneath. People also believe that the congratulatory message was incomplete without mentioning the role Christy played in what has made Akwa Ibom the highest federal allocation earner today. Another source squealed the kidnap (on 9/11/10 in Lagos) of 3-year old son of one time Chief Details to the former Governor Victor Attah, George Uben, who only a week earlier advised Akpabio privately to make peace with their former boss/mentor. Akpabio was said to be 'pleased' with the advice; but how ironical or coincidental is the kidnap of Uben's 3-year old reported in the Independent and ThisDay newspapers of Friday November 12? The kidnappers demanded and obtained N1.5million ransom but have refused to release the child.     Nevertheless, Uben's advice to Akpabio seems working. Reading Daily Independent and Tribune of November 11, Akpabio extolled Victor Attah for laying the foundation of developments visible today in Akwa Ibom. It will be recalled Attah fought Obasanjo-led government for return of Akwa-Ibom share of Oil derivation made possible by IBB's abrogation of the obnoxious on/off shore oil dichotomy.

  Also reading the TELL edition of November 15, a story entitled 'Reign of Terror in Akwa Ibom', which the government made spirited effort to deny to no avail, one was able to get graphic details of how Akpabio's antics work. A State government that now earns revenue about ten-folds of predecessor's should be able to return the peace and tranquillity that were the hallmark of the Akwa Ibom State.   Mr. Kingsley Ikpe Udoh

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