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Nigeria, what has become of you?
These days it is either strikes, bomb-blasts, kidnapping, slandering of political opponents, ingenious looting, begging for our rights, leadership nonchalance, think any

 vice - think Nigeria.
The political class is in a state of decay such as never seen since the world begun. The citizens are so impoverished and disenfranchised that they now beg for their rights rather than demand for it.

It is only in this same Nigeria, where senators get millions as constituency allowance, then come home to give few scholarships to an insignificant number of people, buy motorcycles and sewing machines to share to an insignificant few, then they go about sounding their trumpets that they have alleviated poverty in their constituencies.

It is only in Nigeria where political appointees are actually glorified sycophants who must abide to the rule of their masters or be exiled to the poverty-soaked way of life of the common Nigerian [a situation that a common Nigerian finds him/herself as caused by the same selfish masters that they call leaders].

It is only in Nigeria where failed leaders and clearly unpopular political office holders, come out to vie for offices and even go ahead to seek 2nd terms, 3rd terms and even more as may be allowed by the constitution. It is clear that it is only in Nigeria where our leaders seek re-election even when the land they swore an oath to govern and serve is ridden with strikes, anarchy, deprivation, unrest and all humanly thinkable vices.

It is only in Nigeria where leaders list as achievements and roll out drums to commission roads, bore-holes and streetlights of which are the basic amenities of any organised society.

It is unfortunate that we have a decayed Nigeria, a Nigeria where its citizens are fed little drops of their rights and they rejoice over it like it is a big favour. It is laughable that even the best pre-scientists could easily tell how the world would be even hundreds of years after their time but they could not even comprehend the level of absolute decay of the political class found in Nigeria today.

I pray for a great Nigeria, but we must follow up our prayers with actions.

We must alleviate poverty in the lands.
We must push for a Nigeria where a bright future is certain. Uncertainty fuels greed and sycophancy.

We must have a Nigeria where we demand for our rights and not beg for it.

We must have a Nigeria, where we have true leaders and not selfish masters.

We must have a Nigeria where our leaders feed stones to the sycophants to give way for enough room in their ear-canals to hear the wishes and requests of the people they swore under oath to serve.

Let us join hands together and move Nigeria forward.

God Bless Nigeria!!!
Eta 'Royalty' Uso (A+, MCTS)

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