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In the North where this writer comes from elders are demi-gods. They are seen as compassionate men and women, who are shepherds and torch bearer of their communities. They are expected to be at the fore front of any and every initiative that will propel developmental changes to the people.

In realising this objective, our elders are expected to also factor in the right, privileges and interest of neighbours to ensure viable and symbiotic co-operate existence of all.

It is on this premise that the writer desire to discourse the comments of Mallam Adamu Ciroma as the Leader [is it Spokesman] of the Northern Political Leaders Forum, NPLF, in respect to the unfortunate October 1st bombing in Abuja. A lot has been said and written about the correctness or otherwise of NPLF's ultimatum to President Goodluck Jonathan. Sadly, these reactions have further thrown up glaring and often-exploited differences across geographical and linguistic divide in the country.

Perhaps one need to state up-close, that the writer and Mallam Adamu Ciroma have some things in common. Both come from Yobe State, alumnus of the same University, read same course, and above all, the writer's late father had the fortune of being a contemporary of Ciroma in the public service. In spite of these affinities, the writer has opted to analyse issues objectively in the spirit of true nationhood.

With due respect to Adamu Ciroma and Company, their comments clearly negates the time-tested and proven principle of statesmanship associated with the North. No doubt, President Jonathan's constitutionally-backed desire to contest for the Number One seat in 2011 is the main reason for NPLF's crazy moves. The seven-day ultimatum by the NPLF amounts to treasonable felony.

It is worrisome that Adamu Ciroma who has been in successive governments for decades, does not know the grounds on which the President of Nigeria can be impeached. The statement of Ciroma and Company is totally irresponsible and unexpected of a statesman who has been in public service since 1968. The statement smacks of political indiscretion, literary recklessness and brazen dis-regard for democratic ethos and denigration of the office of the President.

In retrospect, one discovers that the entire NPLF is peopled by over-recycled Elders who never impacted on the Northerners [whom they have always claimed to be protecting], in all their public service years either at Regional or Federal level. Ciroma and Company are ONLY exploiting the October 1st incident to secure cheap popularity, position themselves for political and economic negotiation, thereby providing the necessary platform for their un-restrained greed. The NPLF's strategy is subtle blackmail; hoping that The Presidency will reach out to them at the appropriate time.

It is unfortunate that Ciroma and his brothers are playing the ethnic card to achieve their selfish, narrow-minded political and economic agenda. It is denigrating and abusive to the collective wisdom of the North, for NPLF to create the impression that they are fighting for the Region. What balderdash.

Mallam Adamu Ciroma and friends should know that through western education, urbanisation, social and economic integration with the South, the generality of Arewa Youths now see through their chicanery. The NPLF should realise that people in the North now know better whose interest these group of Elites have been protecting for decades.