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Dancing in the Wind

By Melanie Miller
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I dance in the wind, and it echos in the night's air.

I see the dark velvety sky and makes me want to break down and cry.

I feel lost, alone...desolate, without you my love.

I dance of all dances to remember and you wore there, watching me, holding me...

as if I wore in a trance, and yet again..I would still dance for you.

I see images racing through my mind, and I am alone all over again and you are in another deminsion.

I want to see you once again and run my fingers softly and gently through your hair.

I am just me and all anyone can ask of and I am a vivid dancer in the shadows of your mind,

and you can find me anytime when you see me in your mind.

I am alone tis' true without you near me and the gentle wind beckons you to come back to me,

this I know of.

You see me there as if I am a tiny ballerina in the box, and it twirls and dances just for you, and no one else will do..but you!

You know I love you and as I dance in the wind, I feel your soul surround my soul and we are as one, united in a strong bond.

We can not be wrong to be in love, and I know and feel you are still in love with dance with me my dream come true...

and you will see me ever so brilliant and bright and together we can take that magickal flight so few have been to before.

Yes, love is in store for us and trust in me and I shall trust in you.

the end...