Source: Nasiru L. Abubakar & Abdulrahman Ringim

WM: We've not heard your views on the sex scandal which rocked the Hausa film industry?

Safiya Musa: It is unfortunate that it happened. But people should have prayed for her (Maryam Hiyana) rather than castigate her. We must not forget that even though what she did was haram (unlawful) and no religion will support her, at least she is not responsible for its circulation. May Allah guide us.

WM: But as a Hausa film star, how did you feel when the sex clip leaked at a time when Hausa movie stars especially the actresses are seen as wayward?

Safiya: First of all, I would like people to understand that waywardness is not restricted to Hausa film stars alone. Every profession has its own wayward characters. In fact, wherever you go, even inside families, you will find wayward characters. So people should pray. I personally cannot refer to someone as wayward because we (women) always strive to protect our integrity, I don't know about men.

WM: Some revelations were reportedly made before the committee set up to hear the grievances of artistes suspended from the Hausa film industry especially with regards to indecent dressing. Is it true the committee chairman found the revelations you made offensive?

Safiya: Well, it is possible they found what was said offensive. But that is the way I am-I say my mind and I don't mince words. I don't care what people think. In any case what I said was nothing but the truth. They talked about female artistes wearing skimpy dresses and so on. And I told them that is normal. I wear skimpy dresses when I feel like, because I am used to wearing them. I can wear miniskirt; three quarter; shorts etc. I still have a box full of them but I don't wear them anymore. So at the meeting we discussed a number of issues and skimpy wears was one of them. We also talked about the difficult situation the Hausa film business is in today. I told them we supposed to work as a team because no human being is beyond the control of the Almighty. I told them rather than washing our dirty linen in the public, we should seek Allah's intervention through prayers to sanitise our business.

We in the Hausa film industry lack cooperation, that is one. Two, we have no secrecy among us. Three, we still don't know what we are doing. Those who know are probably few. For instance, if today Safiya Musa says she is under Gwanja, Gwanja should see Safiya as his child and treat her accordingly. That is the only way Hausa film industry will develop and be respected by the people.

WM: There is this rumour making the rounds that you were not only pregnant but delivered of a baby boy and that the naming ceremony has since been done. Is it true?

Safiya: (Laughs) Yes! It is true. I have many children because my siblings have them. But on a serious note, if it was true I had put to bed, Allah knows. I beseech the Almighty Allah to give me a responsible husband-and upon the consummation of the marriage, bless me with fruit of the womb and make me deliver safely, but not out of wedlock. Anyway as you can see, it is not true. It is the work of my enemies.

WT: But how did you feel when you heard the rumour?

Safiya: (Laughs) Actually, when I heard the rumour it didn't move me. In fact, it was even yesterday (Monday) that Ali Nuhu called to ask me. He was the first person who told me about it. You know I have deliberately withdrew from the public since the scandal which rocked the Hausa movie industry. I hardly go out to avoid unnecessary controversies. When Ali called, he said some journalists have called him to confirm whether it is true I had a baby but he told them he was not aware. I told him it was a lie. I even asked him if he was in town so that I will go and see him at home but he told me that he was in Lagos for shooting. I informed my mum about the rumour and we just laughed it off. However, we should all know that whoever Allah has made popular that person usually has enemies. But when people say evil things against me, even if I don't take offence, my relations will not feel good, or those who are close to me. They are the ones I really feel for. But my fans should exercise patience and see it as an act of the devil. As for those who started this campaign of calumny against me, I have forgiven them with all my heart. And those who continue to spread the rumours, I leave them with the Almighty.

WM: What do you think might have been responsible for the suspension of some Hausa film stars including yourself?

Safiya: For over a year now, I have cut down on my film appearances. This is so because the elders of the industry seem to be withdrawing from the business. And as an obedient child of theirs, I have decided to also lie low and protect my integrity, since youthful exuberance has found its way into the business.

WM: Those who were suspended were said to have also been fired and suspended for between weeks and 10 years. Did you receive any such letter?

Safiya: I am just hearing about it now. No one told me anything like that before.

WM: In what way has the Hausa movies impacted on your life, or rather is impacting?

Safiya: Honestly, I have to be grateful to Allah. Hausa film has given me the love of my life, the man I want to marry. It was in the films he first saw me and now we are planning to get married. Hausa film has also brought me fame and esteem in the eyes of many. It is my primary source of income. Whatever I do-feeding and clothing all come from the movie business. But the suspension of the business by the censorship board has put many people into difficulty to the extent that they deserve pity. But why was the business suspended? We caused it ourselves. So we need to start by reforming ourselves first before any other thing.

WM: You talked about marriage, how soon is it coming up?

Safiya: It is in the pipeline. In fact, I am sad that this interview did not take place inside my matrimonial home. But God willing, it won't take long.

WM: When should we expect it?

Safiya: You see the issue of marriage, just like that of wealth and death, is something you hardly can say when.

WM: But who is the man you want to marry?

Safiya: That is a secret and, for now, restricted to me and members of my family.

WM: What message do you have for those castigating Hausa movie stars?

Safiya: That is what I am saying. Whoever knows that his heart is clean should not castigate another. But let me restate my earlier position. I am ready to confront anyone who castigates my profession which has brought me to this status in life.

WM: What about your fans and those praying for you?

Safiya: I thank them. In fact, words cannot express my gratitude. Let them continue praying for us. May Allah answer their prayers and bring sanity and prosperity back into our business. May Allah reward them.