Akwa Ibom 2011: Who Is Afraid Of Oppositions?

Source: huhuonline.com

One is wondering why some incumbents are so afraid of opposition, when it is said that power of incumbency remains overbearing. The ridiculous manner Governor Akpabio is going against oppositions (Senator Udoedeghe and Sam Ewang) may soon turn to the  latter's advantage. Now Udoedeghe has joined the progressive Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) party and the tide in Akwa Ibom fast is changing.

  At one time it was that Governor Akpabio did not follow due law process in ordering the pulling down of house belonging to his former supporter, Monday Utong, for his alleged involvement in the killing Elder Inyang in church premises in Ibesikpo-Asutan LGA of Akwa Ibom State . In continuation of clamp down on opposition, Akpabio arranged with the disgraced former IGP Onovo to charge his (Akpabio's) former Campaign Director-General who is also a former Minister of State, FCT, Senator J. Udoedeghe for the alleged murder of the same Elder Inyang. The same Senator Udoedeghe is continually wrongly denied the use of citizen's facility to launch his campaign.

  Some other time it was a Singapore-based ship builder and governorship aspirant, Engineer Udonwa who ran out of the country with bullet wounds while his aged mother was killed fifty days later by her captors who the Police Commissioner Walter Rugbere claimed (the captors) did so because the family of Udonwa refused to persuade him from furthering his intention to contest the governorship of Akwa Ibom State. What a silly explanation by a Police Commissioner that supposed to protect all.

Now it is the kidnap of wife of another governorship aspirant, Her Excellency Comfort Ewang. Another dimension to this kidnap is that Ewang's driver and a PA assigned to deliver the ransom for her release were also kidnapped by the abductors who sent a message that the action was an order from above. They also insist that Ewang drops his ambition to contest 2011 gubernatorial election.

  With this one asks: What is this country turning into? Is bloody revolution worse than Ghana's Rawlings not the best option to clear the country of all the mess occurring on daily basis? The whole world is watching and making us laughing stock. Cecilia Ekong, Solomon Lar Way, Utako District, Abuja