Abuja Bomb Blast: Al-Qaeda, MEND Connection revealed *How Okah gets training, logistics from Al-Qaeda *Terrorist Group Plans invasion of Nigeria

Source: pointblanknews.com

Henry Okah
A link between Al Qaeda and the Henry Okah's flank of MEND is currently giving investigators and prosecutors in South Africa a serious concern as to the strength, dynamics and connection of the Nigerian militant group.

In what appears to be a highly planned scheme, the terrorist group, according to a highly placed source in South Africa planned to use Okah and his group to launch what a South African source described as “an unprecedented presence in Nigeria” and give full participation in a well orchestrated bombing plots.

The planned bombing according to a source, is aimed at destabilizing the government of President Jonathan which Okah had vowed to fight to a standstill.

Sources told Pointblanknews.com that Okah has been receiving series of regular briefings on guerilla warfare from one of Al Qaeda's financier and henchmen in Africa. His link was traced prior to his arrest in Angola for gun running.

The henchman, a Saudi citizen who makes cash available and coordinates logistics in Uganda, Somalia, Kenya, and Angola is Sheikh Mohammed Abu Fa'id. He is also known as Sheikh Fu'ad Mohammed Khalaf.

A repentant militant and former member of MEND now living in Pretoria told our correspondent that MEND through Okah have arms deal with Al Qaeda network, since the struggle in the Niger Delta is seeing as the only platform for the terrorist group to have a viable presence in Nigeria.

“MEND's major source of funding is from the Al Qaeda network through Sheikh Muhammed Abu Fa'id, a Saudi citizen, who serves as a top financier and 'manager' for Shabaab, otherwise called Sheikh Fu'ad Mohammed Khalaf,” a source who did not want to be named told Pointblanknews.com

The source added that because of the relationship between Al-Jazeera and Al-Qaeda, after the Abuja bomb blast and the arrest of Okah, Al-Jazeera, the Arabic network quickly arranged an interview with the embattled Nigerian militant leader.

Pointblanknews.com learnt that this link informed President Goodluck Jonathan position shortly after the Abuja bomb blasts.

Jonathan stated that the bomb was masterminded by a terrorist group with base outside Nigeria.

Okah is believed to be the link for the procurement of arms between his flank of MEND and the Osama Bin Laden led group.

However, Sheikh Khalaf, Pointblanknews.com learnt, leads the Al Qaeda headquarters in Africa called Al- Shabaab. He is a top financier and a key component in the spread of the sinister activities of Al Qaeda in West Africa.

Al-Shabaab was alleged to have masterminded the most dangerous al-Qaida-linked militia claimed twin bombings in Uganda that killed 74 people during the World Cup.

Al-Shabab, an ultraconservative Islamic group that has drawn comparisons to Afghanistan's Taliban, has long threatened to attack outside of Somalia's borders. The group in the past has recruited Somali-Americans to carry out suicide bombings in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Pointblanknews.com also gathered that a recent raid of Okah's hill top home in Johannesburg revealed several documents linked to arms procurement, communications with Al-Shabaab, training and targets.

It was learnt that this link has forced the South African court to be reluctant to grant Okah bail. Against this backdrop, security has been beefed up around the MEND leader, as there are indications that there may be moves by Al-Shabaab to mastermind his escape from South Africa.

It was also learnt that the South African Government intelligence unit is keeping tabs on Okah"s wife, Azuka.

It would be recalled that she was the go between when her husband reportedly spoke with Al Jazeera and a Nigeria national daily.


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