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M-mm, today's talk folks scares me! Honestly, each time I try to put this talk together, I get strange feelings; I feel awkward….big time but, Jacqui must say

what she has go to say.
Talk about a man beating his wife, it does not ring a bell because we all know

it is common especially in Africa. In fact, most men(of course, those

ancient-marine-old-school type) do not see anything wrong in it.To them, it is a

proper way of correcting and disciplining a woman. Jacqui says——it sucks!!!

Woman batterer? You are  simply a coward!! There are many ways of correcting a

woman's bad manners and lifestyle apart from beating her. Beating a woman cannot

make her change her bad attitude. It is either you accidentally harm or kill her

in the process or you made her to understand you are just a M-o-n-s-t-er!!  Once

you create such an ugly impression before a woman, she secretly withdraws into

her shell,pretending to flow with you but, secretly digging your grave. Why? No

sane woman would enjoy being battered and harassed by a man she lives with on a

regular basis.
Hei, do not think I have forgotten my gist focus today; certainly not.  Jee-z, a

woman beating a man? I keep wondering the entire body composition of such a

woman. When I talk about beating, am not just talking about slapping which most

women do and to me which sucks as well. Any woman who dare to raise her hand

against her man should have her head examined very well. Now folks, slapping is

just a minor part of it, the one that gives me creeps all over my body is the

idea of a woman descending on her man, punching, kicking and nail scratching.

Are there really such women? Yes, there are!!  You see, the men who are

unfortunate to have such women hide and do not talk about their ugly experience.

Of course, no African man will openly accept that a woman he keeps in his house

beats him black and blue! It bruises his EGO and makes him look like a weakling.

Bo-yy, what kind of a woman will have the spirit and courage to beat her husband

or partner till he finally escapes? Escape? Sounds so hilarious to me and as I

write this, am imagining where such a scene or would I say drama is on and how a

man is struggling to free himself,dodging hot blows, and finally ran out of the

house. Imagine such a scene yourself. Sounds and looks hilarious but a very

serious case!!  An unthinkable act coming from a being that should exhibit all

sense of humility, kindness, gentleness, care and love.

On the other hand someone reading this will say—- Jacqui,most of our men really

deserve some good beating from any woman who has the guts to do so. Sorry pal,

Jacqui does not buy that at all. To me its abnormal. Very,very crude!  Even if a

man is a dummy, wicked, lousy and evil, the best you can do is to find a proper

way or approach to deal with him. If it comes to worst, just kiss him goodbye

and move on. Just move on with your life woman!!!!  If your partner's lifestyle

suddenly turns sour that you cannot cope any longer, you also try to deal with

it because you made up your mind to put up with him in the first place.

Have you folks seen a man of 20 years married to a woman of  55 years upwards?

Now for such lousy men who instead of working hard and getting a meaningful

means of living, decides to scout for  sugar mummies to marry, when the bubble

burst, you deserve not just being beaten but to 'frog-jump' as well. You know

what, when as a young man and you stupidly made up your mind to date or marry a

woman old enough to be your mother, you have automatically signed on 'anything

goes' which includes being a cook, driver, houseboy,and laundry man. If one day

big mama comes home and her food was not ready, her undies not washed, and bed

not made;what do you expect from her in return? Tongue lashing and if you dare

respond, a dirty slap,from a dirty slap you decide to show her you are a man

afterall, she descends on you and that is it!!
You see folks, coincidentally
such woman who go for puppy-men for a husband are very w-a-c-k-o!  Absolutely

skank-y!!  They are always under some kind of stimulative substances to be able

to flow with the flings and coos of life. Majority of them are also heavily

built so when they catch up with you lousy-baby- boy, you are finished!! Where

there is unconditional, love, there is nothing wrong in a man marrying a woman

few years older than him but not when the woman gives him an age  gap of

To be honest with you folks, its very rare to see such women give such men

respects as a husband. Husband? How can you call yourself a husband? Grandma

bought you with her fat bank account, flashy cars and fancy house. So, she must

show you she is in charge and not you. Do you pimps ever think about this before

you get involve? What am I talking about by the way, majority of our young men

seriously scout for such women as if they are looking for a job.

Anyway, my final say today is that any woman who batters her man is simply a

'psycho'. Please, get help!!!