(S.O.S) Letter: Impending Sack of F.I.R.S Staff Members

Source: huhuonline.com

On behalf of the general staff members of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (F.I.R.S), we forward this protest letter to you to help us intervene in our plight at F.I.R.S. Some members of staff of FIRS are about to be sent to their early graves unjustifiable by the

 Executive Chairman of the Board - Mrs.  
The Executive Chairman sometimes ago introduced a laudable program, that staff members should enhance their capacity by going for further studies i.e. upgrading their educational qualifications. The staff members happily acknowledged this move and many immediately complied with same by enrolling for one course or the other. Subsequently, some bagged National Diploma in various courses, while others became professional members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. (C.I.T.N) which is the professional body for tax administration and practices in Nigeria.   Fortunate enough, the Board of the FIRS acknowledged and identify with CITN to an extent that it contributes financially and morally to the existence and growth of the institution.

  Surprisingly, the Executive Chairman of the Board came up with another agenda some weeks ago that states thus: except a staff member has a University Degree or H.N.D, the appointment of he/she will be terminated excluding the CITN certificate. This means that the certificate from the professional institution (CITN) which the Board identifies with and contributes to, is no more recognized thus, holders of this professional certificate have apparently lost or about to loose their appointment with the organization.

  It is worthy to note that the progress made by the agency (FIRS) which the Board is proud of today is made possible by the collective efforts of all the staff members. Furthermore, the majority of staff members that will be affected with this plan of termination (if allowed to be carried out) are those that have contributed immensely to the progress of the organization and have put in at least ten (10) years and above and have had tremendous hands - on experience on the job. This not withstanding, the CITN training exposes the trainees to the requisite training on tax administration and practices in the country.

  Why should she now disregard the Professional Certificate?   The professional CITN certificate is equivalent to other professional bodies' certificates with rigorous and intensive training and examinations respectively.

  We therefore request that you kindly use your media to help us in publicizing this draconian rule before the Chairman of the Board of Federal Inland Revenue Service carries out her sinister plan of terminating the appointment of the existing staff members that obtain National Diploma and those that have CITN certification/professional qualification as well as those working towards acquiring the CITN professional qualification.

  We are using this medium to appeal to The President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senate President, Speaker, House of Representative, The Minister of Finance, and other relevant authorities to stop the Chairman from carrying out her sinister plan of massive retrenchment. PLEASE & PLEASE the time to act is now because the plan is in top gear, in actual sense the staff members have been coerced to sign a fresh letter of appointment 'Translational Arrangement Offer', which is intended to be used against the staff members. Attempts by the staff members to resist this move by the Chairman of the Board of FIRS have been met with threats and persecution. That is why we have decided to come to the public domain to seek a stop to this draconian rule.

  Thank you Sir. Yours very truly, Concerned Staff of Federal Inland Revenue Service.