On September 18, 2008, in dream, a crowd of my enthusiastic supporters in their thousands turned up to celebrate my respite from death pangs, singing dancing and punching Black power fists into the air. I flew in my dream that night. I was also sensitized to collect my promised 'totem' on September 18, 2008. The significance and coincidence of the date did not occur to me until a week later. September 18, 2005, was the first time Baba Kola, king in the spirit world, divined for me in his capacity as king. I sent one of my mavens, Maven T, who had been a close associate for five years and who had intimately suffered many fatal sorcerers and sorceresses battles with me. At 2.00 am on September 18, 2008, Avoshe, now a deity in the spirit world offered a totem in the presence of Baba Kola the king, and deity Mama Sango. The totem required weekly propitiatory rites' commitment, which Maven T required to confirm with me.

He returned the following night to inform the ancestors that I would not be able to fulfil such an obligation by nature and temperament. Maven T was asked to return the following night, 20th September, 2008. Deity Mama Sango offered a totem requiring propitiatory rites every three days. This was rejected on the spot as being unsuitable for my likely busy schedule around the world. Avoshe confirmed that by nature, I was averse to such rituals and Mama Sango said that that was the minimum demand of the fire based totem.

Maven T went back to inform the king on September 22, 2008, that I would not be able to fulfil Goddess Mama Sango's conditions. Perhaps it is necessary to provide some ideas about what the spirit world looks like. The third visit at 2.00 am on September 22, 2008, would help us do that. The king's palace, a massive, impressive, intimidating edifice, difficult to describe in words, was heavily guided. Three security officials came forward as Maven T approached the palace, to ask what his mission there was. He said he was there to see Baba Kola, the king, and that I sent him. Two of the security officials stayed by him while the third took the message into the palace. After a few minutes, the king and the guide that went to inform him about the visit and others, showed up briefly to invite him to come in.

The king and his entourage disappeared and Maven T walked into a huge expansive, lavishly decorated, delightfully embracing, elegant paradise of a meeting place that looked like it could swallow a large sports' stadium. The space was filled to capacity with thousands of people, Black and White, sitting and seeming to be waiting to receive him. The space was so brightly lit up he could spot faces he desired individually, and even a pin on the floor at the far flung end of the hall. The feeling was that ancestors of many families of the world that had close or remote links with matters on hand, were represented in the hall.

They sat in family groups and he could identify my family, comprising of grannies, my mother, father, my wife Ngozi etc. He also spotted his own family, including his dead mother and father, and the family of one of my staff working directly with him at the time. This staff's mother wanted to send message to his son through Maven T but did not get the chance because she was too far removed from the dais where the action was taking place. Everyone in the place, including the king, wore spotlessly clean white outfit. The king sat on his throne looking resplendent and flanked by his appurtenance of office. Sitting immediately on his left hand side was an appropriately bedecked noble woman, not his queen, apparently a deity or high ranking spiritual icon. Also on the dais with the king were several other high ranking deities, men and women, Black and White, all looking regal, wise, very healthy, prosperous and fulfilled.

Deity Avoshe was not sitting on the dais but was within ears shots. Goddess Mama Sango was by herself in a dignified but separate enclosure. Every person that went to her bowed seven times before receiving her attention. Maven T, who was tongue tight and in awe, tottered to inform the king that I would not be able to perform the regular rituals demanded by the fire totem. He then told the king that I wanted to be able to identify the king by his correct title. The king said that he should stick with why he was there. When the king spoke, which was rarely, the hall fell silent. No one dared interrupt or contradict him. His words were law. As he reprimanded Maven T, he felt he was catching a cold.

The king told Maven T that all the deities (male and female) have been asked to come up with a suitable totem for me. A totem that would not be fire or water based, and that he should report back on Thursday the 25th September, 2008. On Wednesday 24th September, 2008, Maven T was feeling uncomfortable and anxious from about 10.00 pm and could not explain why until he realized that the king wanted to see him. He went at 1.30 am and the king appeared before him with his staff of office, and told him to tell me that several 'totems' (for want of better name) have been delivered put he had not found a suitable one. Maven T was asked to report back on the seventh night from that night, which would be Tuesday the 30th September, 2008, to allow the deities more time to come up with what I want. Apparently, the 30th September date had spiritual significance because it closed the month long Ramadam fast for Maven T. At 2.00 am on October 1, 2008, the king told Maven T that suitable totem had not been established. That thousands of power plates, pots, calabashes, snail shells etc had been delivered requiring chicken or animal sacrifices every three days or weekly. One from an Ijaw deity required regular human sacrifice. The king promised to deliver it himself, when the appropriate one is found or created.

On Thursday November 13, 2008, Maven T went to the spirit world at 2.00 am to ask the king why we had not heard from him. The king said he had forgotten about my assignment and that he had been very busy. The king told Maven T that all African totems delivered required regular blood sacrifices and that he had asked deities from India, Asia and the Far East to come up with something. He asked Maven T to continue to check on him every Thursday from then on. A week later, the king said they were having a seven day long anniversary celebration of his coronation and asked Maven T if he wanted to see it. He disappeared and Maven T saw a large crowd in celebration. A week later, the king was clearly angry. He said he was too tired to answer Maven T. The week after that, he told Maven T to stop coming to him, that he would deliver when he is ready. Obviously, they do not have totems that do not require regular blood sacrifices, so, we gave up on the project.

My September 18, 2008 mandate, received profound spiritual link on Sunday November 2, 2008, when I dreamt at 2.00 am, that I was strolling along a street in the USA with a close friend, Barack Obama. We had never met in real life. We were going to an open air restaurant down the road, laughing and sharing banters like two inseparable twins. Now and again, he waved back as we came upon passers-by who recognized and waved to him. I told him that he had won the presidential election with a landslide. He hit me playfully on the chest and told me not to say it too loud because he still had two days to go before Election Day. Then I said he was a child of destiny sharing a mission with me. That his part of the assignment was to bring peace to the world.

That leadership is best served not by clobbering every opposition to death, or turning the world into a theatre of endless wars, or a fear–of-the-leader soaked penitentiary, but by using ones invincibility for the good of all, even in the face of constantly needling irritation. That while military might could sometimes bring temporary succour, love conquers all, always. After eating and we were leaving, some African female items of clothing: including tops, head gears and wrap-arounds, suddenly materialized on the seat between us. I took the large wrap-around (I know now, August 13, 2010, that the Mother-God, Goddess Ma'at, was providing us with protection), as we embarked on our mission to plant accommodation and cheer among all members of the human race. Two weeks after Obama was sworn into office, I dreamt that someone was sleeping in the same bed with me. I did not know who he was until he (Obama) woke me up in the morning in the dream to say he was going to work. Obviously, we have a common destiny that was unravelling.

To further confirm our spiritual link, the traditional rulers in the Republic of Benin on September 29, 2009, conferred on me, the 'title of 'HRM Agosu (king of kings) of the African race because of my activities for my race. This happened at the time Obama was being awarded the Nobel Prize for peace. To re-fix the world, Obama is the first step and the New World Order is the next.

The Agosu title is one of the only two titles they have collectively conferred on any one. The first was to choose one from among their ranks to be their king of their kings. It was a numbing experience for me and it was totally unexpected. I did not know I had begun to impact on our French neighbours, since I write only in the English language. They accessed me through the spiritual realm lectures they induced my spirit to give them, but I am not a title chasing person. A sage is what I know I am. The ordinary person on the street instinctively calls me Professor from my carriage and looks and I have no problem with that.

Our virtuous ancestral deities call me their son, which makes me a Prince and I have accepted that. A step away from Prince to King, I could have taken in my stride, but as king of kings, I was overwhelmed. I did not have words to describe my feelings especially because the honour came from outside my country and was unsolicited. I was put on spiritual hibernation for seven days from September 29, 2009. The period of solitude provided me with the opportunity to think about the import of the title and whether it is what I needed at this early stage of our campaign to bring our race together and return us to a common traditional, cultural and spiritual focus. Spiritual because it is the spiritual that determines and provides legitimacy for traditions and cultures. I found that while the title was largely conferred for spiritual reasons, it came with a little of the Greek gift embellishment. I did not feel I had the resources, temperament or time to indulge or be indulged, in what I do not have hundred percent control of.

Besides, the Pan-African Movement is for all Africans, all Blacks, who in general have a very poor sense of self-worth and are dangerously divided along religious, ideological, educational, cultural and traditional lines. It is impossible to organize a people who have no sense of self-worth, and worse still, if the people are split in all sorts of ways against their nature and selves. I felt that the HRM title was too soon and would only add another unfortunate dimension to our current debilitating and overwhelming dilemma as a people. Although many approved of the title, many do not know me yet and worse still, many are ashamed to be African and need to be carefully cajoled without appearing to be pompous or a saint. I decided that the title was unnecessary until I have perhaps developed a sufficiently large enough pool of lieutenants to do my present work for me and I can retire or sit back and savour the success we have been able to achieve uniting and uplifting my race.

The Rep. of Benin is the first and only country in the world that recognizes their African faith as a state religion and gives it constitutional backing. It is the only country in the world where all the different nuances of the African faith come together under one leadership. The Rep. of Benin, therefore, is the only country in the African world right now with genuine traditional rulers. Most other traditional rulers in Africa, who have become Christians and Muslims, are priests and Alfas of the alien religions and not traditional rulers. What confers legitimacy on a traditional ruler is the native (traditional) religious faith. Religion and tradition are interwoven and one cannot be separated from the other. Therefore, Obis, Emirs and Obas who are Christians and Muslims should stop calling themselves traditional rulers; stop collecting salaries in that name, and resign immediately or be dethroned by their communities. Of course, our spirituality needs to be modernized and weaned of evil practices, which dominate it at the moment. We have done this with Ma'aT, truth and justice.

African spirituality is the mother of all religions. Africans created all the Gods of mankind and conceived the 'Virgin Birth,' being the first born and unique gem of the 'Eternal Source.' Africans dominated the earth spiritually, politically, militarily, intellectually and technologically until our 2000 years ago invasion by the Caucasian kids we sired abroad, and our 1500 years ago incursion by Arab kids, the products of Black and White liaison. Our errant Diaspora brood, thinking that they are a different and superior race, called their African ancestors fools, Pagans, animals with lower than the Chimpanzee IQ, and in 325 CE, fashioned a racist religious adaptation, founded on a fictional 'sodomy' curse, an act peculiarly their forte and notorious pre-occupation even now, to buttress their infliction on their framed parents, some 500 years ago, unprovoked, unprecedented ungodly, unrelenting, soul-wrenching tyranny of hate, torture, and enslavement, lasting 400 years, converted to even more debilitating colonialism for another 100 years, reinforced with numbing neo-colonialism 40 years ago.

They grabbed Northern and Southern Africa simultaneously with two prong pogroms targeting our total elimination, to claim credit for our scholarship and exclusively usurp our God-given natural bequests. We have now checkmated apartheid but not the Arab genocidal wars ravaging Africa from the North down through Darfur, to, as they smugly claim, dunk their action blueprint, the Koran, in the Atlantic Ocean in the South. They have destroyed the eco-system with reckless industrial pollution, causing disastrous climate change and drastically shortening the earth's life span. They unleashed two world wars in rapid succession and are busy right now fostering the third with endless instigation of pockets of religious, 'racial' and tribal skirmishes, through divide and rule tactics, and the bombing of terrorists they covertly nurtured, to gain turfs and control others fortunes, pretending righteousness.

They revel in cutthroat capitalism and have introduced genetically engineered food stuff that ruin the organs, and needled this with AIDS infestations, to quicken the decimation of aborigine populations of the world, to feed their rapacious materialistic appetite, to keep the world's natural resources all to themselves.

Most of our nearly 1,000 million people in and outside Africa are among the most wretched human beings on earth. We do not deserve to be were we are and it has been going on for too long. I want my race to learn from the example of the Jews who are, in fact, our closest family and our first cousins from Egypt. I want us to be inspired by them to take back our leadership of the world from where our ancestors were pushed off inelegantly some two thousand years ago.

The way forward is to have a binding spiritual code. A common ethos, outlook and aspirations, and Ma'aT (or the Cradle family) would do that for us as kabbalism has done for the Jewish people. Therefore, we are not against anyone being a Christian, Moslem or what have you, that is their albatross, but if you have been abusing African spirituality and calling us devils, Satans, idol worshippers, Pagans, every second of every day of the year, in the last 2000 years without let, you have lost your right to stop us from speaking, and you should be preparing to take the heat when we wake up.

The popular saying painfully though, is, if you want to hide an idea, information or knowledge from the African, put it in a book. The end of knowledge is one book every African must read. It is 682 pages and over 3.8 thousand words of sheer brilliance and rare, edifying, comprehensive and corrective knowledge. It lays bare African scintillating contributions to civilization and corrects the lies fed humans by biased anti-African authors for centuries. Even if it is the only book you ever read, it is sufficient to sustain the basic curiosity to know, and know everything possible. Burn all books written to put you and your ancestors down because they are illiterate and bereft of substance and truth. If you have no money to buy yourself a match stick for the burn fire, borrow and liberate yourself from the irritating distortions of the history of your past and take control of your future with the power of knowledge.

The end of knowledge and its companion book the Ma'aT, are the two books to help us do that. Every African and Black, who can read, regardless of gender, age, religion and level of affluence, must equip self with the profound knowledge provided by the two books to launch the greatest revolution in the history of mankind, the Pagans' revolt.

The end of knowledge is unique. It corrects the lies and distortions by scholars in the last 2000 years about the origin and history of civilization; exposes religions as causes of endless global mayhem because humans are living a big lie; marries science with spirituality; demystifies the spirit world; identifies our cloners, and reveals for the first time, the 'Source of life' in the universe: Energy escapes from expired energy, the waste materials of the energy or of the dead mass, in spaceless compact, is dark energy of which dark matter is part. Dark energy is the flip side of Einstein's equation on 'Energy:' E=mc2. Dark energy is, therefore, dE=mc2, where dE stands for dark energy.

Our history did not start with slavery. We were alone in the world for 13 million years. Our priestly jewels hitch hiked to planet Mars once in a while and regularly hosted Martian icons up to the epoch of the Pyramids some 5000 years ago. Seven thousand years ago, we launched the human race into the merry ways of modern civilization.

We invented religion and still hold the only key that unlocks the telephone links with the spirit world. We created all the Gods of mankind and conceived the 'Virgin Birth,' being the first born and unique gem of the 'Eternal Source.' We dominated the earth spiritually, politically, militarily, intellectually and technologically, until our 2000 years ago invasion by the Caucasian kids we sired abroad and our 1500 years ago incursion by Arab kids, the products of Black and White liaison.

Some have asked why I do not answer critics. My articles on the web are among the most commented upon and I can not answer every body. Besides, truth is like a huge intimidating rock; every one bows to it in the end, no matter how long it takes for that to happen. In any case, non-Africans do not attack me, rather they worry that I am 'enlightening my people.' A comment like that came from some Lebanese recently, for instance.

So, why should I answer my people whose comments largely do not make sense and who cannot read beyond bold lettered headlines? They abuse rather than argue because they are self-hating and illiterate parrots of cheap foreign self-praising propaganda. Their claim to knowledge and scholarship is limited to the only one book they have read, continue to read, cram, to spew dirt in perpetuity – the Bible or the Koran. Why do I have to defend myself against a supposed African, if his head was screwed on properly? If we did not have a preponderance of such people in our families in the past, we would not be in the mess that we are in today as a race.

No civilization lasts for ever. Western civilization would soon be history as China primes herself to take over the reins of world leadership in the next few years. We must cut China's rein short; so, the intelligent and mentally liberated ones among us have nothing to be ashamed of. We must continue to learn and grow and teach our children and expand our turf.

Africans have now come full circle from rulership to racism, slavery to colonialism, neo-colonialism to the White House. We are taking back our ordained leadership obligation of the world as human ancestors, to repair, restore and renew the earth, making it more beautiful and beneficial for all who inhabit it, rich or poor, Jews or gentiles, Black or White, animate or inanimate matter.

Obama is not a fluke; we must build on our little gains by challenging the world of ideas that treat us as brainless chimpanzees because we are the ancestors of mankind, the first, and the first means the best in all languages of the world. Obama is the first step, followed by the New World Order.

NAIWU OSAHON, Hon. Khu Mkuu (Leader) World Pan-African Movement); Ameer Spiritual (Spiritual Prince) of the African race; MSc. (Salford); Dip.M.S; G.I.P.M; Dip.I.A (Liv.); D. Inst. M; G. Inst. M; G.I.W.M; A.M.N.I.M. Poet, Author of the magnum opus: 'The end of knowledge'. One of the world's leading authors of children's books; Awarded; key to the city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Honourary Councilmanship, Memphis City Council; Honourary Citizenship, County of Shelby; Honourary Commissionership, County of Shelby, Tennessee; and a silver shield trophy by Morehouse College, USA, for activities to unite and uplift the African race.

Naiwu Osahon, the Sage: New World Order, renowned author, philosopher of science, mystique, leader world Pan-African Movement.

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