Nigeria Gets Worst Anniversary Gift …. As Bomb Blast Rocks Abuja

Source: understands that groups, suspected to be MEND/ AL-QAEDA has made good their threat to bomb the federal capital territory. Our checks reveal that   two bombs were detonated   in vicinity of   the federal ministry of Justice, which is a stone throw from the Eagle Square, the venue of the festivities marking Nigeria`s 50 th independence checks reveal that ten persons has been confirmed dead, while fourty wounded have been hospitalized at the National Hospital, Abuja.

What Happanned! Two separate bomb explosions have killed more than 10 people in Abuja in the thick of Nigeria 's 50 th anniversary

  One of the casualties was suspected to be a top security officer trying to evacuate innocent Nigerians to safety. About 40 others were critically injured and receiving treatment at the National Hospital , Wuse and Maitama General Hospitals in Abuja . Security agencies are however suspecting members of the Al-Qaeda as the perpetrators of the blasts. investigation showed that the explosions were recorded at about 11am and 11.10am, a few metres away from the Eagle's Square where the anniversary was holding. The initial explosion had occurred near the perimeter of the official residence of the Supreme Court judges and opposite the new Federal High Court Complex. The second blast was opposite the Bayelsa Guest House along the same route. Findings indicated that the runaway suspects had planted bombs in some of the cars of those who came to watch the anniversary celebration. Although those behind the explosions were said to have targeted the Eagle's Square, the tight security made it impossible for them to make an inroad into the place.

Investigation revealed that the casualties were low because the FBI had alerted Nigerian security agencies of a likely strike by Al-Qaeda during the anniversary. Notwithstanding the alert, 10 people were found dead after the blasts and their corpses had been deposited in some mortuaries. The more than 40 people injured were taken to the National Hospital , Wuse and Maitama General Hospitals in Abuja .

  A source at the National Hospital said: '40 injured people were brought here but we did not have the facilities to accommodate them. 'We referred some of them to Wuse and Maitama General Hospitals for emergency care.'

Top security chiefs were already meeting on the bomb incident. It was unknown if any arrest had been made.

A top official  of the State Security Services ,  who confirmed the explosions to, said investigation was already in progress. The official also admitted that security agencies got an alert from the FBI of a 'likely Al-Qaeda strike.'

But the blast left President Goodluck Jonathan distraught throughout the celebration.

President Goodluck Jonathan`s Reaction! However, President Goodluck Jonathan branded the incident a 'wicked and dastardly act' saying it was ' the worst anniversary gift s any nation can get' .

A media advisory from the presidential spokesman, Ima Niboro, said ' to those behind these vicious acts, the president wants you to know that you will be found, and you will pay dearly for this heinous crime.

Hear him:
'The bomb explosions which occurred near the Ministry of Justice in Abuja, and which claimed several lives are a low, dirty and wicked act of desperation by criminals and murderers who do not wish Nigeria well'.

'Coming at a time that the world had gathered together to celebrate Nigeria at 50, these bomb attacks are the worst anniversary gifts any nation can get'.

'Their purpose was to ensure that the celebration at Eagle Square was cancelled by all means.  It is sad and unfortunate'.

'President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan grieves with the families that have lost loved ones in the incidents. The president shares their consternation and understands their confoundment, as they mourn while the nation celebrates'.

'The president wants these families to know that their loved ones have not died in vain. Rather they have paid the supreme price for our unity; and in their death, they have watered the tree of our freedom'.

'To those behind these vicious acts, the president wants you to know that you will be found, and you will pay dearly for this heinous crime".