They are Submitting Forms while the Nation goes down


I thought I will not write any essay concerning Nigeria again in the foreseeable future. I have gone back to school, so Nigeria's problem is the least in my head and I deliberately blacked Nigeria out in my head. I hate thinking about Nigeria and I hate thinking about South East, that part of the country that is going through devastation, maybe never witnessed during the ugly civil war. Sam Mbakwa's Aba, Enyi Mba, our own pride, the Aba traders and workers, the late Sir Warrior's point of lyrics is now more or less worst than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.  

  Fifteen children kidnapped, toddlers, was what woke me up from penning again and I hope it will be the last that I will read or hear that type of upsetting news. I have children and you will not feel the pain of hurting a child until you have your own. I was trying to recover from the assassination of my junior at Aquinas Secondary School, Umunachi Osuh, Mbano, Imo state, Dr. Stanley Uche. I left Stanley behind in 1980 and I heard from Lagos, in 1981 that the eight subjects he registered in West African School Certificate, he scored A1 in all, making grade one double distinction. The son of a poor teacher, Stanley proceeded to University of Nigeria Nsukka to read medicine, and finally qualified as a gynecologist.  

  Stanley came from the same Local Government Area as I do, Isi Ala Mbano, a promising doctor, but street urchins hacked him down, those who never knew the value of education and human life. They killed him after collecting N30 million from his wife. The death of Stanley should not be another unsolved mystery, the killers must be found. How do these criminal do all these atrocities and go unscathed? What is going on in Nigeria? It is still a mystery to me when these criminals demand money and they get it. How do they get paid? Who Hands this money to them, how do they get it? How can they walking freely to collect all booties?  

  On May 14, 2009, I wrote a piece titled Kidnapping, Unfit President and the death of a nation and after more than a year later, the Police and the State Security Service are still struggling with the menace of kidnapping. Will it not be to the benefit of the nation if all the Police and State Security Service are all sacked and then recruit these criminals to guide the nation? One, they outwit the nation's security outfits and they possess more sophisticated weapon than the government backed security agencies. Two, I believe that the security agencies are very weak, so wouldn't the nation contract the services of these agile criminals who never make fear and trembling part of their mission in their conquest.  

  In the past, I thought that Anambra was our problem and I now know that Ngwa people are the black sheep of Ndi Igbo. The reign of Orji Uzor Kalu was the worst thing that happened to Ndi Igbo, because as a criminal, he nurtured, breaded and grew more criminals in Abia state. Theodore Orji is not also better and I hope through free and fair election, the ugly monsters in Ala Igbo will be rooted out. Ndi Igbo have never had it so bad and there is no end in sight.  

  The Nigerian nation is now engulfed in all kinds of political activities, collecting and submitting election forms. All manners of people are declaring their intentions to be president and governors and who cares about the death of ordinary citizens. Governance has literally come to a painful halt in the country. Almost all the state governors have relocated to Abuja while they unleashed their killer squad, to harass and main opponents and those who try to contest against them. I don't care what goes on in Nigeria; I want the Police and the President to fish out those idiots behind the kidnapping of fragile and innocent children.  

  Nigeria should know that when evil takes root in Nigeria, it is very difficult to uproot it. Methinks that is very easy to uproot the menace of kidnapping and corruption in Nigeria; it is a matter of political will. The only solution is stiff penalty and no one, no matter the status is left free of the punishment, and these evils will diminish or totally obliterated. The Police are involved in kidnapping and corruption, the politicians are involved, the Ezes and chiefs are involved, the governors are involved, the highly placed are involved and when these people are punished with death penalty and life in prison, corruption and kidnapping will be a thing of the past.  

  May I ask why the army, who are not doing anything in the barracks, cannot be deployed in the South-East and Aba in particular? What is happening in the South- East and in the rest of the country is worst than war. Do we expect investors to come to Nigeria? We are dreamers indeed. Nigerians, who are in Diaspora, are afraid of coming home and do we, know what the nation will lose in this?   Is Nigeria better than Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan?  

  A nation that does not guarantee the safety of children should not be allowed to exist on the surface of this earth. Nigeria is a failed state long time ago and more troubles are on the way if the right people are not elected to replace these rogues we have now as leaders. Ndi Igbo in particular should wake up and Nigerians should pray for Jega.  

  While we wait and pray for Attahiru Jega to conduct a free and fair election in Nigeria, to usher in credible leaders in 2011, I am calling on Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Azikiwe on behalf of Ndi Igbo and peace lovers in Nigeria to invoke a state of emergency in Abia sate. Our President should lay aside politics and save the whole of South East. The whole apparatus of security in Nigeria is in the control of the federal government and a detachment of Nigeria army should be drafted to Abia state to dislodge the army of kidnappers and litany of criminals that have held Abia state hostage. Our innocent children in diapers should be released unhurt and this is the end of criminality in Abia state. What else remains?  

  What PDP government sets to achieve in Abia state should not over ride the lives of hapless and helpless Abia state people? Dr. Jonathan, this is not the time of politics, the lives of the people in Abia state and those around the state are in your hands; save these people now. This is a distress call on our President.  

  Meanwhile, I wish the wife of Dr. Stanley Uche, mother, father, children, siblings, Aquinas Old Boys Association, Abia State branch of Nigeria Medical Association and Ndi Mbano to bear the death of Stanley with fortitude. Those that killed Staley will never know peace and they will perish the way they killed Stanley. Stanley, I mourn you, may your soul rest in peace, Amen.     By Chukwuma Iwuanyanwu     .