Demolition of Filling Station in Sokoto: Opposition accuse Gov Wamako, Police of Connivance


Senior officials of the Sokoto Urban Development Authority (SURPB) accompanied by Police sealed the road linking Bye pass Sokoto to demolish the building and filling station of one of the political opponents of Governor Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko, Alhaji Ibrahim Mil Goma.

A well known businessman and entrepreneur, Alhaji Ibrahim Mil goma is a political associate of former Governor Attahiru Bafarawa,  arch rival of Wamakko in controlling political soul of Sokoto state. He is known to be a very reputable, hard working and upright businessman in the state who made a lot of friends in the business circle of oil and exporting.

The battle for the land he acquired over 10 years ago from the former Military Government of Adisa Raji, started after Governor Wamakko assumed office in which he ordered the stoppage of the construction of the Filling station and building around the area.

Vehicles loaded with dozens of Mobile Police men carrying sophisticated arms, surrounded the area around 8:00 am clearing all the road to allow easy access of the heavy machines brought by the men of the SURPB along side some senior government officials which include Senior Adviser to the Governor on Sanitation Alhaji Sanusi Tukur Faruk and Commissioner of Youth and Culture, Alhaji Ahmed Aliyu, Director Town and Planning, head of SURPB Monitoring Unit, Director Finance and Supply of the SURPB and some senior Gov ernment House officials,  who came to observe the demolition exercise according to sources.

The Police who according to the sources in the place, carried out the hatchet job under the directives of the Commissioner of Police, Muhammed Jinjiri Abubakar to shoot at sight, under the leadership of three senior Police Superintendent, include Supol Zakari and Supol Iliyasu.

The police in ready battle were brought into the area in six Hilux Vehicles at the Filling station; the Vehicles are numbered PF6405PF, PF6405PF, PF6406SO, PF6407PF, PF6408SO, PF6409SO and PF5464S accordingly. The heavy loader machine which demolished the building was hired from one of the construction company that is handling the construction of over head bridge in Sokoto.

The Heavy bulldozers were brought by the hired Truck with registration number AH738 Gus belonging to one of the political associate of the governor.

Unconfirmed reports have said, that Governor Wamakko personally phoned Commissioner of Police and told him to ensure that he gave all the necessary supports to the official of SURPB over the assigned role of demolishing the building on Thursday.

Some of the politicians and associates of Ibrahim Mil goma who visited the Commissioner of Police in his office during the demolishing exercise for his intervention were shocked when he openly attacked them for fomenting trouble and called them trouble makers who see nothing but complain.

According to one of them, ''this commissioner of Police Muhammadu Jinjiri Abubakar is known as Government agent wherever he served as the Commissioner of Police, Wamakko paid him over this job, we are not surprised that he did not give us any positive audience”

Some businessmen and politicians in Sokoto accused governor of not respecting the sanctity of business community as his action of political persecution have driven many investors away from Sokoto, because nobody can invest his hard earned money where there are no security and respect.

According to on businessman, Malam Bello Garba, instead of Gov Wamakko to demolish any structure is better for him to construct or build at least one in the state, look how he ordered the closure of only 5 star hotel in Sokoto, Giginya Hotel for over months we are facing serious problems of accommodations and caterings.

After the one and half hour demolishing exercise, the senior government officials and some senior police officers rode in one vehicle to the SURPB office with heavy police escort for job accomplished, according to sources.

Later, State Government through the Director Town Planning informed journalists that the exercise was done in accordance with the law. They defended their action, stressing that the demolished building was inside the reserved area of Department of Culture of the Ministry of Youth and Culture.

The Director said, they have issued many letters and notice to the owner of the building but he refused to comply, which necessitated the demolishing exercise.

According to all available information, the people in Sokoto state put the demolishing exercise carried by the SURPB as political victimization and persecution of known opponents of Governor Wamakko, as Ibrahim Mil Goma is believed to be one of the deciding factor of political popularity of former governor Bafarawa in Bodinga local government for over a decade.

While some pundits are accusing the Police and Government of connivance to persecute political opponents, it is in the mind of other oppositions that they are tired with the present commissioner of police attitudes toward becoming too loyal to Governor Wamakko on persecution and unjustified detentions of people who are opposing government.

Sokoto state is now turned into den of Armed robbery, kidnapping, brutal attacks on innocent civilians and poor security of lives and properties. Iit is very rampant with the reported cases of killing and maiming of people, just like that of recent Police officer who was stabbed to death in Arkilla area by unknown assailant.

Hundreds of sympathizers are visiting Alhaji Ibrahim Mil goma for sympathy, among them include some Wamakko's government officials that are not happy with the exercise and some supporters, politicians, traditional title holders, business associates and some organizations.