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A third republic senator, Chief Remi Okunriboye, yesterday criticised Nigerian politicians over huge amount of money they expended on their political ambitions. Speaking with reporters in the Owo area of Ondo State yesterday, Okunriboye lamented that politicians borrow money from banks to pursue their ambitions, stressing that such politicians would first recoup the money spent during the campaign before thinking of the people who voted for them.

He urged the various anti-corruption agencies to probe the spending of aspirants during electioneering.

Okunriboye, who is a senatorial candidate in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), charged political stakeholders to rise up against extravagant spending by politicians during elections.

'What do you expect from politicians who borrow from banks and people? They will never serve the interest of the masses. Their main target, when they get to position, is to first recoup the money they spend during campaign,' he stressed further.

Okunriboye also urged politicians across the country to always fulfill their electioneering promises whenever they assume office, saying the only way politicians could assist the electorate was to give them dividends of democracy.

His words: 'It is highly disturbing that the moment politicians get to the corridor of power, they forget the electorate. This is not good for our democracy. We must allow our people to get to the mainstream.'

He criticised the total number of political parties registered in the country, saying: 'The more you have various political parties the more you create problems for the country.'