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Jacqui will start today's gist by thanking all lovely BW followers for their tons of uplifting messages.

How are you, Mrs Joan Oji and daughter Juliet in Abuja? Just rounded off my international conference and will surely get back to you as I promised in my last mail to you. Nelly, how are you doing gi-rl? Your contributions means a lot to BW. Jacqui got your rib-cracking mail!! M-mmh!! Blessing, you started well with your counselling but seem to be slacking; if you keep long I will also shift!! Try keep up the spirit! You can not get what I have given you FREE from any consultant in any part of this world so, make use of the good opportunity while it last!!

Some of you sent messages without real names, location, etc. I do not know how I can relate with someone I do not know because what I do here is REAL. So, folks, do identify yourselves when connecting with BW for positive response from us.

A thousand apologies to my male folks who keep requesting for one advice, solution or the other. I have discovered that you guys kind of take my time for granted and hardly follow up. In consultation/counselling, you must be alert and follow up with procedures to achieve results. Roy in Port Harcourt, sorry, I could not get back to you. Lawal in Abuja, what I told you still goes till I get down to Nigeria to make arrangement to see you(if you can wait). So, guys pardon me, I have tried to help several times (FREE OF CHARGE) but most of you could not pull it through coupled with some of you giving false identity and information about yourselves. Jacqui is one hell of of a serious and strict creature with no time in my agenda to waste!!

For chronic flashers? M-mm, jacqui says——'TEXT ONLY' but you flashers like to jump the line. Cool with that? Keep jumping…….Please, folks, let us abide and keep to instructions in what we do to help us get positive results. Voila! So, what do we talk about today? Have you folks noticed how rapidly the world is changing including the inhabitants in it? How do you personally see it; changing for good, better, bad, worse or even worst? You have noticed ee-h?

Good! Oh, you have not noticed anything? I see! I guess you must be 'sit-down-look' kind of person. Life is just passing through you? When the time comes you will notice it by force and then it will be too late. Do you also belong to the hardened group of people who believe this life has no end one day? GOD never lies!! Everything in his HOLY BOOK must come to pass and your ancient marina thinking cannot alter it. PERIOD!! Some of you do not even believe the 'old-wise-awesome papa upstairs' exists. You do? Great!! You do not?

Ok, by the time a small fire from his nostrils melts you into ashes completely, you will believe!! GBAM!!!

So much evil in the world folks, every angle you look, go, evil here and there!!

These days you do not have to be bad for evil to locate you; in fact, evil people hardly hunt evil people like them but always go for good people who are busy doing good and nice as much as they can afford to be. So, you better watch out and sanctify yourself in the LORD JESUS so that when they try you, THEY WILL BOW!!

There is nothing like 'am not hurting anybody so, nobody will hunt me'. Is either you belong to GOD or SATAN! No hanging! Am sure my moslem brothers and sisters believe that you must either be a good or a bad person; no in-between!

So much wickedness in the world!! With millions of churches and mosques all corners? Beware! Beware! For christians, going to church cannot save you unless you have a strict- genuine- personal- relationship with JESUS CHRIST and follow his ways.

How do you forgive satanic people around you? Will you ever forgive evil deeds done to you for your good deeds? Check this out folks—-

How can a woman forgive a husband of more than 20 years, with five children (three boys, two girls), who travelled all the way from the U.S to Nigeria and married another wife arranged for him by his satanic mother/ mother in-law? This particular woman sacrificed all, including neglecting her own immediate family to please the husband and mother-in-law. Spent all her hard earned income, love and affection on them and at the end, the husband and his mother said thank you, by secretly marrying a new wife. She only discovered through a text message sent to the man by the new wife after the marriage when the man returned to America.

What do you say to this woman folks? Should she forgive or what? Have a say on this? Sure you do!! Send in your reactions via text.( This gist just began… to be continued)

Jacqui still call on all kind-hearted individuals, philanthropists, businessmen and women,corporate bodies to participate in BW MAKE A DIFFERENCE PROJECT coming up in Abuja. This is a project meant to empower poor single skilled women to be self-reliant. MAKE A DIFFERENCE by donating your widow's mite in cash or equipment wise. Businessmen and women who want to showcase and market their products and services during the period of the forum are welcome too. Please, contact BW indicating your interest via text—+233249965090 and we will surely call you back for details on how to register.