By NBF News

A major crisis has erupted in the Peoples Democratic Party, Kano State chapter.

It is feared that Alhaji Mohammed Abacha, son of Nigeria's former Head of State, General Sani Abacha, is inching close to dumping the party for the Congress for Democratic Change (CPC) led by General Muhammadu Buhari.

Mohammed Abacha, who is one of the gubernatorial aspirants in the state, is thought to be defecting alongside several other leaders of the party from different camps.

Those speculated to likely defect with Abacha may include the Garkuwa faction, the Unity Forum, the Rimi and the Alhaji Aminu Walis groups as well as Alhaji Dangala factions, PDP Awareness Forum and Jarakanyanka faction.

However, the Daily Sun was told that the faction, spearheaded by Mohammed Bello and that of Habibu Shuaibu, though equally aggrieved, had excluded themselves from the meetings and might not be moving out of the PDP.

Already, several nocturnal meetings had been held in this respect and it is believed that some of the aggrieved parties would meet with General Buhari on Friday, with the aim of putting finishing touches to the plot.

So far, two high profile meetings took place on Wednesday in Kano in respect of this position. In particular, was the one held at the campaign office of Alhaji Abacha, where he briefed his campaign officers, 20 each from the 44 Local councils of their likely exit from the PDP.

Another meeting, which is on-going as at press time, was held at the residence of Alhaji Aminu Babba Danbaffa with the same agenda. Sources told the Daily Sun that already the agitators had since anticipated their marginalisation and black out by the faction led by Dr. Rabiu Musa kwankwaso and had started talks with the rival party, the CPC long before Kwankwaso and his faction held their Kaduna meeting, where they allocated the various positions to their members.

According to Azumi Gwarzo, a former Commissioner of Finance under Kwankwaso's administration, the leadership of the party had decided to pitch tent with a particular faction of the party at the expense of the overall objective of the party.

He stated that , 'Out of the 3000 delegate forms meant for Kano, they allocated 1500 forms to themselves and still distributed the remaining 1500 forms among the three zones in the state.

'They are still struggling with us for the remaining 1500 forms and as I am talking to you now, not more than 200 hundred forms are available for our supporters. This is sad.'