By NBF News

The carriageway was shut during the night before a clear-up started

BBC journalist Andrew Marr has apologised to drivers after a lorry carrying 15 tonnes of his latest book overturned blocking a road.

The lorry came off the A4 Bath Road in Theale, Berkshire, spilling boxes of his book The Making of Modern Britain.

One lane was shut through the night and reopened at about 1300 BST after a clear-up. The driver was unhurt.

Marr said he hoped it was not a case of “Marr's latest rotten book being taken off to be pulped”.

He said: “Firstly, apologies to anyone who has been inconvenienced on the roads.

The carriageway was shut during the night before a clear-up started

“But I can't decide whether it is a complete disastrous story for me or a triumphant one.

“Is it Marr's latest rotten book has been taken off to be pulped and the British transport system can't cope?

“Or whether public demand is so extreme that the road system has given way under the pressure, who knows?

“The publishers do tend to keep lorry-loads of books pretty much on the roads for 24-hours-a-day in case of emergencies.

“I just hope none have been lost in battle today and will eventually go to grateful owners.”

The Making of Modern Britain, which was based on the journalist's BBC2 television series, looks at life in Britain during the first half of the 20th Century.

The lorry crashed on Tuesday night but a clear-up operation lasted into Wednesday.