John Campbell's wished Despair for Nigeria.


Patriotic compatriots have written to Ambassador John Campbell to let him know that his evil wish for Nigeria after the 2011 election will never come to pass. Some few things I wish to add to all that have been written is the fact that investigation has shown that Mr Campbell is doing a hatchet job for a former failed military ruler who is desperate to come back to power again using all means possible be it blackmail, lies, deceit and hatchet jobs by people like Ambassador John Campbell who has a price.  

  But you see no one can blame Mr Campbell. Oh yes, when all these corrupt rulers have stolen Nigeria's money have hidden it in America and Europe under his nose, He has every right to insult our collective intelligence believing that we are all like these thieves.

  They are too numerous to be counted. All these thieves aspiring to be Nigeria's president have palatial houses in America. I read in the news that one woman died in one of the thieves' houses in America about two weeks ago.

  What type of person wants to be a leader of a country yet he steals the money of that same country and takes it to a foreign land. He must be unpatriotic and fake. Therefore all these thieves who have houses in foreign land are not worth aspiring to rule Nigeria. What we expect from Mr Campbell however is not to be pessimistic about the 2011 election in Nigeria. We challenge him and his home government to expose the corrupt Nigerian politicians who have hidden Nigerian money in America and especially those who have bought mansions with stolen wealth from Nigeria in America including his principal. It is an open secret that America and Europe encourage corruption in Nigeria like the Halliburton corruption scandal and the Siemens corruption scandal. I don't think his hypocrisy can go anywhere. As for election rigging, the America election rigging of 2000 is still fresh in our minds. As for corruption, it is still on record that Mr Murdoff, an American was sentenced to 150 years last year for fraud. It is still in the Guinness book of records. Unfortunately Nigeria looters don't learn their lessons

  This type of statements from Ambassador John Campbell should ordinarily serve as a challenge to them. But they have gone too far to think good of Nigeria. As far as Nigeria is concern Mr Campbell there is nothing like Muslim North or Christian South. You are simply being mischievous and being economical with the truth more so that you were your country's Ambassador to Nigeria for about four years. States like Plateau, Adamawa, Taraba, Benue, Niger , Kogi, Kaduna , Gombe and Nasarawa are Christian majority states. States like Katsina, Kebbi, Bauchi, Borno and Yobe have substantial Christian population. In Kano state, local governments like Rogo, Samaila, Wudil, and Tudun Wada have Christian majority. This statistics are verifiable.

  I was thinking if Mr Campbell has some worries about Nigeria, he will join us in calling for the 'Sovereign National Conference' we have been clamouring for but alas he wants the status quo to continue so that his friends will continue to loot Nigeria. After May 2011, Mr John Campbell will eat his words. It will be well with Nigeria. Our democracy has come to stay for good. 2011 can not be worst than 2007. Nigeria needs an apology from Mr John Campbell no more any less.  

  Ndiameeh Babrik.