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*Have you folks seen controversial actress, Shan George compere an event before? Well, if your answer is 'No', she has been billed to compere a music and comedy show tagged 'Laughter 101' at Princess Hall, Akute on 2 September.
What Searchlight is actually excited about is that, despite the fact that the likes of Ali Baba, Klint D' Drunk and Basketmouth are actually on the bill, picking Shan as the MC really implies that she is simply versatile.
Anyway, you folks should try and attend the show and tell Searchlight about her performance.

*Only God knows what the Nigerian judiciary is encouraging Nollywood actors to indulge in. Hope you folks have not forgotten in a hurry that Yoruba actress,Hasanat Akinwale A.K.A Wunmi, who was arrested for drug trafficking, was slammed with a mild sentence. Another English actor, Uche Odoputa, was also caught in the act a few months ago and he has been sentenced to 8 months imprisonment. Anyway, that's not the gist.
What Searchlight is insinuating is that, are these the same disciplinary measures being meted out to non-actors who commit the same crime, considering the fact that these people are role models to our younger and innocent generation?
If that should be the case, the judiciary should be prepared to see more actors or young people being caugth in the same act.
It's not a prophecy, but just an observation that needs an urgent attention. Period!

*The Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN), held its presidential election at the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) office located at the National Theatre Iganmu, last week, but there are indications that the corporation will not allow the guild to use the venue henceforth.
The reason, Searchlight gathered, is notun connected with the fact that some DGN members messed up the premises after the election, and the matter has been reported to the guild's board of trustees.

*As you folks are reading this, all is not well between Iya Rainbow owned Osumare Theatre Group and the Ojodu Chapter of ANTP where the former belongs.
Searchlight gathered that the veteran actress has instructed all her 'children' not to attend the chapter's meetings anymore.
Source squealed to Searchlight that this was due to some controversies that had been trailing some members and activities of the chapter.
Want to know more? Keep your fingers crossed, at least for now.