By NBF News

In a statement, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Odein Ajumogobia referred to Campbell's essay, entitled: 'Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink'.

'It is unfortunate that this respected former U.S. envoy, unlike his several illustrious predecessors and most worthy successor, appears to take delight in inciting instability in Nigeria with his entire thesis based on a worst case scenario and seeming relish in willing it to occur.

'Perhaps Amb. Campbell seeks credibility for his suspected claim to in-depth knowledge and expertise on matters concerning Nigeria.

'Amb. Campbell's analysis is based on an obviously jaundiced and clearly limited appreciation of the facts and dynamics of current Nigerian politics, this disturbing commentary is not only divisive but is also irresponsible and dangerous,'' the minister stated.

According to the statement, Nigeria is committed to organising credible elections in 2011 and in spite of the acknowledged and self-evident challenges posed by the proposed INEC timetable, the process is moving forward in a credible and transparent manner.

The minister advised Campbell to observe as 'Nigeria takes definite steps to consolidate her 12- year-old democracy, and perhaps try to seek relevance in other more constructive ways. Campbell was envoy in Nigeria from 2004 to 2007. (NAN)