Sam Dede has been around for quite a while but until recently hasn't been in too many pictures. An ex lecturer in the University of Lagos but currently teaching at Department of Theater Art University of Port Harcourt, Sam Dede is one of Nollywood's brightest and most gifted stars. Sam Dede is probably one of the most convincing acts Nollywood has ever seen. A brilliant actor, Dede feels a lot like Nollywood's Deniro.

"Sam Dede is the most superlative actor you'll come across yet in Naija movies. You need to see the way he delivered his lines in 'Never Die for Love'. Some are under the impression that he must have made up his own lines; the delivery was just too natural." That was a statement by one of his fans.

To sum it all another fan said ''he's a good actor and I like the way he interpretes his roles. He's one of the good actors that deserve more recognition than he's actually getting.  His performance in movies like Ijele, Isakaba, The Mayors, Paradise.
I believe he's one of the best actors Nollywood has to offer"

He was a nominee for Best Actor in the  Noble Awards for his performance in Foul Play.

Filmography: Adam and Eve, Agbako, Blood Money, Bumper To Bumper, Desperado, Die Another Day, Ibuka, Igodo, Issakaba, Last Burial, Never Die For Love, Tentacles, The Preacher, The Last Vote, and more