Another N1 Billion Scandal trails Danbazzau, other sacked Army Chiefs …Budgeted N55 Billion for Non-Existing Simulation Center

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Fresh facts have emerged how sacked former Chief of Army Staff, General Abdulrahman Danbazzau and other sacked service chiefs ensured the released of N1 Billion under the pretext of purchasing military equipments that already exist in the military warehouse.

Danbazzau in a letter in May 2011 demanded the immediate release of the N1 Billion for the purchase of parachutes and musical equipments for the last Army Day celebration, has learnt from available documents.

The former Army chief and the former Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral A. I. Ibrahim, Principal General Staff Officer and Rear Admiral Dele Uzoba with the full cooperation of Secretary to the Government, Ahmed Yayale and the Defence Minister, Adetokunboh Kayode had planned a whooping N500 Billion Defense contract for companies believed to be owned by General Ibrahim Babangida and Mr. Yayale as reported exclusively by

When exposed the scandalous contract which had been previously awarded in 2009 for N178 Billion, the presidency was said to have been miffed and immediately ordered a probe.

Sources within the Military hierarchy informed that former Chief of Defense Staff, Air Marshall Paul Dike was mandated to investigate the N500 Billion contract meant to boost the financial fortunes of General Babangida ahead of his Presidential campaign and also find out how the classified documents leaked out to

Sacked former CODS, Air Marshall Dike
But rather than investigate, Air Marshall Dike, treated the high profile corruption with kid glove, attempting to sweep the allegations under the carpet.

Unknown to the Military, sources informed that one of the fronts for Yayale's Doyatechcom, a major Defense contract firm, had already owned up to the contract scam during an interrogation in the Presidency.

It was discovered that most of the items listed in the N500 Billion contract are all fake. For instance, the Nigeria Army School of Infantry, NASI, has no Simulation Center, yet Danbazzau and his colleagues budgeted N55 Billion for “modification of weapons.” gathered that the only simulation center owned and operated by the Nigeria Army is located that the Command and Staff College, CSC, Jaji and has only four officers and 66 soldiers.

Also, the Armored fighting Vehicle, VBL which was included in the contract proposal for a staggering price of N99 Billion was not necessary according to sources within the military as such equipment was recently rejected by the United nations for peace keeping because they are substandard.

Sources also hinted that the VBL were first purchased by IBB for his dream National Guard before the Army took them over.

However, as the underground investigation went on, officials discovered a recent release of N1 Billion to the Army for the purchases of parachutes, musical equipments and training. Sources told that the N1 Billion was shared by top military brass as the parachutes and musical equipments were never purchased.

“Those stuffs were never purchased I can tell you that for sure. Those people just pocketed the money and that is not the first time they are doing that,” a military source told

In a letter written by the former Chief of Army Staff to the minister for Defense, Dambazzau had specifically requested for the release of N1 Billion for “Nigerian Army Day Celebration and Nigerian Army Activities for Nigeria's Golden Jubilee Celebration.”

In the letter with reference number AHQDAPP/G1/300/102, signed by Major General A.A. Atofarati on behalf of Danbazzau and dated May 12, 2010, the army chief said “in the above quoted reference, AHQ requested the Honourable Minister to kindly assist in facilitating early release of fund to procure parachutes, musical instrument and commence training for Nigerian Army Day Celebration 2010 and Nigeria's Golden Jubilee Celebration. The details of these requirements are listed below

“Infantry Weapon/Airbone Display,N47,652,120.00; Nigerian Army Mass Band Requirement,N290,394,750.00; Purchase of Parachutes/Airbone Equipment N752,763,539.00 totaling N1,090,810,409,.00.

“Honourable Minister Sir, Please accept the assurances of the highest esteem of the Chief of Army Staff”, it read.

Sources told that the minister for Defense swiftly authorized the released of the funds.

Efforts to reach the Minister for Defense and the sacked Army Chiefs were abortive as several calls put through by did not go through.