The Act of Giving

By Melanie Miller

One can give to charities such as money, even jewelry in those boxes as church, as some churches will accept jewels. This I found out recently. You can donate new or used or older clothing to organizations or to a Salvation Army Thrift Shop. There are family's in need of shelter and you can help pay on their rent as well. Do something to help people out as I personally know what it is like to be homeless for a week. It is no picnic. People need to help others in their time of need. I was fortunate to rent a hotel room but still it was not a home, and besides I had two of my children with me at the time. Finally my pride disappated and I called my uncle up, and he came and got me and my sons. We lived there for a bit, and ate junk food for a solid week. I never wish to go through this ever again, be homeless this is to say.

I have met homeless folks before and I always do my best to contribute to needy causes. I donate food, money and clothing, that is clean and nice. I live in a nice home now, with my partner, and he works hard for a living. I do not work but I have written a book which was published and will be having another book soon to become published with all or many of my poems in it. I do something with my life. I do not just sit around and feel sorry for myself like many folks do in this day and age.

You need to help others in their time of need, rather it be cash, or helping them pay a light bill. Last year, on Christmas Eve, I gave over a hundred dollars to a family in need of money to pay their gas bill and I did not request that they hand it back to me. I try to help others all I am capable of. I know what it is like to be homeless as said. I paid all my rent and still was run out of the trailor I dwelled in, and still I was able to get a room for a while. I was one of the lucky ones. If it woren't for the kindness of the hotel manager, I would of lived on the streets perhaps, for a while and I would of lost costody of my two sons.

Now tell me you can not help anyone else, and this would be a lie. Everyone can do their part to see to it, other unfortunate individuals can receive money, or food or both. I do what I can as a good person should to help others out, that are in dire need of assistance. I have taken my last bit of food to churches before, and I did buy more food for my home, no problem there, but I also bought new presents and a tree for a family that has kids, so I took it, to the church, and walked several blocks to take it there. The child told a woman that it was the best Christmas he ever had. He was four at the time, this I found out. He had plenty of new toys to play with and a decorated small plastic green tree. He was happy as could be.

So next time you feel you can not or will not help out someone or a family member that needs your help or some strangers, then ask yourself why you can not help someone not as fortunate as you are.

Take a look at these movie stars, some surely help others out but there may be some stars that do not help out much and some folks brag about their new fancy cars and homes, and what have you there, what did they accomplish but to brag about what they have and brag about themselves. Shame on folks like this.

So do your part and help someone today, even if it is a one dollar bill, that will buy them bread at least and you can offer to help them find a job, and also take them to a job site, and see if they will be your best friend then. If you do not feel comfortable taking them someplace, then you can offer to pay for their hotel or motel room for a few days. Do not expect money back from this individual or individuals, and also you can provide decent food for them while they are at a hotel/motel. You can call Meals on Wheels for someone that is unfortunate and is too disabled to cook or for someone poor, and they maybe able to provide a meal for them or him or her. They mostly help the elderly and if you can, cook for them yourself, and invite them to a picnic where there are other people around you, so just in case, you do not know this person or persons very well. All in all, just do your part and help someone today as today, you may just save their life.

Thanks for reading my article, it is much appreciated.