By Eze Chukwuemeka
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Prince Tonye Princewill the Leader of Princewill Political Associates the pressure group carrying out his vision and mission in politics on hearing the granting of the waiver to Atiku Abubakar stated on behalf of the Group, “We know that with the emergence of Dr Okwesillieze Nwodo as the PDP National Chairman of PDP that some of us that took the step to rejoin the party did not make a mistake as he has proven that he is not only a true democrat but can be relied upon to effect the necessary changes that will take the party to greater heights. With the granting of waiver to Atiku Abubakar by PDP we can be assured that the future of our party is now secure and good things will start to happen in a matter of time. We salute this great and astute Administrator and hope that he provides a level playing ground to all the aspirants to demonstrate that our party is now a true democratic party in Nigeria. We appreciate the fears and anxiety of some Nigerians that could not understand our passion in indentifying with Atiku even when PDP either at his State and the National level could not grant or guarantee him membership of the party but we believed that a day like this will surely come as we begun with the end in mind. We started this walk to support a candidate who apparently was not a member of his party neither in his State nor in possession of a waiver. Yet we have worked like he had been already given the PDP ticket because we know where we are going.

PDP should not stop at granting of waiver to Atiku Abubakar but should progress further by granting him the ticket for the interest of moving the country forward because this is the only candidate that seems to have a clue on where he wants to take the country to. With his five point agenda that includes power and employment generation and the issue of Niger Delta we have no candidate that has come out an articulated on the way forward better than Atiku Abubakar on the way forward. As evidence of this we aware that he is not only prepared to engage on the issues but also prepared to engage on public debate; we wonder which other candidate is prepared. We should not make the mistake of supporting a reluctant candidate being pushed or forced to contest when he has no idea of where to take the country to.

The granting of this waiver is a victory not necessarily to Atiku or his associates but to PDP as a party and Nigerians that will benefit from the wealth of experience of this great reservoir of democratic ideals and principles. As we move to the field we urge and pray the PDP delegates to do the right thing by ensuring that Atiku flies the flag of PDP.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
Media Consultant, PPA.