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By NBF News

POD of Diamond Limited, a premier bi-modal transport company, has introduced corporate taxis that come with the added advantage of mobile Television adverts.

The Executive Director, Operators of the company, Mr. Tunde Akran, said the company, which was incorporated in 2008, introduced the new concept in taxiing in an attempt to integrate total public taxicab transport solutions.

According to him, 'With the use of highly functional, new and air-conditioned cars, the POD Taxi attempts to provide a comfortable alternative to the old rickety cabs ubiquitous in most Nigerian cities, thereby providing cheap and comfortable means of transportation for both rich and the poor.

'We seek to achieve this by effectively exploiting available technology, capable of harmonising activities within these two distinct sub-sectors of the economy, and make them operatable as one.'

He said, 'The fact that the POD taxi is cheap and affordable, makes it attractive to all end-users, thus leading the company to a projected ridership of over 4,000 passengers.'

Akran said that since research had it that more people that made up the target audience for television adverts spent more time outside their home environment, the Diamond Screen woukd help to address the challenges.

Speaking more on it, he said, 'It is an all-in-one platform (that is TV, billboard, signage, poster,) and has the capacity to show exact same video adverts, scene after scene, at different places at the same time.'