Gully Erosion

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Please help us the "Gully Erosion People"

Few days ago, Anambra State received N3billion from Jonathan's FG for use in battling GULLY EROSION!

But a total of N36billion has been received by Anambra since its creation - and not a single kobo of it has been accounted for. For this reason, the Speaker of the Anambra State Assembly, Hon. Nebe Anayo constituted a committee to probe into the use of the ecology funds. Hon. Ohajiaka [of Ihiala Constituency] was made the head of the committee. The committee was constituted on August 14, 2008.

Till date, the committee has not sat for even one day. Hon Ohajiaka and the Speaker, we believe, may have been settled. But we are not certain.

Please Call/Text them

Hon Ohajiaka - 08033188344.
Speaker Nebe Anayo - 08036681610

Tell them... " probe the N36billion ecological fund before they touch the N3billion"

Tell them... "...the souls lost to Gully Erosion Landslides or floods will hunt their conscience for ever if they stand in the way of succor"

Please, this is People's Democracy in action. Do your part.


Rural Community Development Outreach [CAC/IT/No 39110]

0813 669 7979
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