Ice-cream ad featuring pregnant nun stokes controversy: What West will say now?

Source: A.T.M.Abdullahel Shafi

The 18th June, 2010 Guardian showed up with a story which really makes me astonished. We Easterners have always learnt, at least we are supposed to learn that west is liberal and very much relaxed to religions. As I have written ,”we are supposed to „guided the readers to the columns and articles published by several newspapers of the west during another controversy of drawing cartoons of the holy prophet Hazrat Mohammad (sm) and another event in America which showed “Everybody Draw Mohammad( written as Muhammad to humiliate the prophet of the Muslims) Day.

Actually the very intentions behind writing up this article is not to gear up another controversy ,rather to show the readers that the west are also sensible to their religions, though they showed the whole world, they are not so much sensible to religious humors made by anyone. The west media has always depicted themselves as the soul trader of liberalism towards anything and even intellectuals are more “sensible” to issues like that. But the Guardian mastered the news which says conservative catholic Christians are not happy with the advertisements commercials which showed up a pregnant Nun with ice creams and two bishops are almost kissing up each other.

Now what can the readers along with me learn. It's a twofold shocking event. First like the other eastern believers I am shocked with the way I have learnt or at least what they have made us learnt to the views of westerners. Second is that I am amazed to see the reactions of the conservative catholic Christians. As the Guardian generated with the very statements that 40 catholic Christian protested on the ground that –“It mocks the virgin birth of Jesus Christ”.

Whatever is the reason, the so-called liberalists and propagandist should know that religion is not only a simplest feeling, but also hardest feelings cored deepest inside the heart of the believers. I salute such feelings of the believers as a human being.

Now let's have some explanation on the issue. The Virgin birth of Jesus is explained in the holy book of the Christian, the holy Bible which everyone knows. Most of the westerners probably don't know that it's also depicted the same in the holy Quran, the books of the Muslims too. Now the questions to what context and extent, one can mock like this at open Medias and webs. My answer is anyone can in the name of liberalism. But then my question is why these peoples are introducing themselves as Christians? Only to show themselves up that they are a part of the society or they are frightened of their social status or purpose of social business? So far I know they are not at all frightened of anything like this. So if they mock at their holy prophet or god, how could they introduce themselves as Christians, at least their human ethics inside themselves should have prevented them in doing so.

But I real cases, this is not happening. The answer lies with the tendency of the rebirth of Christian Fundamentalism in their words. But have they ever thought of their social and religious cultures which has till got a mixtures at the state and market levels. If they are really knowledgeable they should realize they are not at all far from their religious cultures and beliefs, whatever otherwise, they are still having biggest festivals like Christmas which is securing themselves with thousand crores of dollars and euros business.

I can't understand how come a human being forgets his or her roots. This is the question of human integrity. Anyone can make business with anything, but to the best of my belief, even I believe this the belief of the fellow readers, that Jesus is not for business and otherwise religions is also not for business. But this is always happening all over the west. Even the biggest tragedy is that modern capitalism in Europe is very much based on the ethics which is equal to the ethics and principles of basic Christianity, perpetrated by Jesus Christ.

I still believe you can kill human being, but you can't kill his or her belief. But the west specifically Europe and America is just mocking at themselves by creating mockery at their holy prophets. Please don't misunderstand me, my readers. My positions along with my argument is exactly the same as without understanding much ,on their own perspectives of business, these peoples are mocking themselves only. On the other hands, they are depicting themselves as liberal. This is fake liberalism. Even I respect the Jews and holocaust and my point is that without questioning it, we are in the stance that this hatred killing is untolerable.If we can believe so, why can't we tolerate and respect the great religious leaders like Jesus Christ and Hazrat Mohammad (sm)?

I am not sure, but this is a kind of perversions. Though, Matt O'Connor, creative director at the ice-cream company, argued that satirizing the "horrific stories involving thousands of pregnant Irish women enslaved by the Catholic church in convents and who had their children taken away from them by nuns because they were seen as 'moral degenerates'".

Like the others, can I question Mr. Matt, “is it the fault of Mother Virgin Marry or Jesus Christ or the churches, if that is so happened?” So why satirizing Mother Marry or Jesus Christ? There are other ways to satirize the social events other than making mockery at the holy peoples.

Don't misunderstand my readers. I don't believe this blasphemous or anything like that. But what we peoples believe is we should show respect to every religious leaders with decent arguments and judgments. We want to show tolerance and respect to all great religious leaders of every religion with satisfactions. Because whatever it is, they had showed up themselves with betterments and sanctions to humanity. This is not so easy to lead crores of peoples all over the world with guided paths. They have sacrificed their lives and everything for truth which in modern day world, we can't. So why can't we show respect to them?

But in terms of arguments, we could easily question anything of the religious leaders. Still that is not the decent way. But argument is not everything which could bring peace and judgment to the society. If it's so, then after Jesus Christ and Hazrat Mohammad, so many leaders and scientists have developed the world with their inventions, but the world is still lacking Jesus Christ and Hazrat Mohammad to bring peace and harmony to the society. So let's leave them to peace, without making mockery to them.