By NBF News

In an interview with Daily Trust in Gusau, Alhaji Kaura said using incumbency power to win elections had worked before but now there is much political awareness and the electorate cannot be coerced to vote against their choices any more.

He said people were now very conscious of the parties and candidates they want to elect, they know what government means and who the leaders are, and therefore whoever they elect is a true reflection of their interest. He said the ANPP was continuously getting more supporters in the state such that whenever it holds a meeting, the PDP government becomes scared and say they hire people from other states.

Kaura said the recent rally by the ANPP in Gusau was a clear testimony that masses in the state were solidly behind the party and their numerical strength can vote in or vote out any politician. He expressed optimism that the ANPP would win the next election in the state, noting that it had already formed the past two successive administrations and 'by God's  grace it will repeat the same feat in 2011.'

Commenting on the possibility of reconciling Senator Ahmed Yarima and Governor Shinkafi, the ANPP chairman said he was not aware of any move to that effect.