Did You Know That You Can Be On Your Bed And Your Energy Which Is Your Spiritual Well-being Is Spent?

By Odimegwu Onwumere
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Odimegwu Onwumere (Writer, Poet, Journalist & Human Rights Activist)

For few days there was no electricity, an occupant of the flat over the fence, has been with the habit of leaving his "I pass my neighbour" electric generator on from dusk to dawn.

You know that the space we give in Nigeria while building from your neighbor's fence isn't up to four feet. So, between the two buildings (his and mine), the gap is not up to nine feet. They hear all we say in our building, and vis-a-vis.

That's how we live in Nigeria with scarcely an environment for air, recreational activities or sit out. Where he placed his generator is just near my window. So, we abandon the much-affected room due to the hazardous fumes for other rooms, and stay listening to the buzzing of the noise. Not safe, either.

This particular night, I was just useless in the room, sweating, restless and spending more energy in bitterness. I could contend with the buzzing noise but the fumes were choking, not pleasant. And you dare not complain. After all, "He is in his compound and has every right to experiment nuisance," Nigerians would always say when you approach them. Or, better put, he will tell you, "I am in my compound. So, what right do you have to tell me what to do?"

You know that ignorance is a disease in Nigeria. People in such dastardly act will tell you when you complain to "Mind your business." Now, going to tell government authorities is a tall dream. Citizens always leave every usurpers of their rights 'in the hand of God's to judge.

The noise, not only made by this man, but all over Nigeria, will never allow you to be in your head. That's, if you are one who was created and born normal, because not all the people we see and think are normal, are really normal.

When you are selfish, in an act that usurps the energy of people around you, you are not normal. If not, tell me how a sensible person would switch-on a generator, then go in to enjoy his shallow-comfort, without minding the discomfort others may be stressed up as a result of his selfish pleasure.

Here in Nigeria, if you were created and born a normal human being, you spend too much energy from your soul caused by people around you be they siblings, friends, family members, religious organizations, neighbors and so forth. Because many are aspiring not for spiritual growth, they do things that always cause you your perspective of the five senses which energy is top notch.

I have been drinking water this night, because of the fumes. I have been awake spending energy without any physical work. Just inside my room, yet spending enough energy in restlessness. Little can I accomplish because energy is the ability to dream at night, reason right, wake up right. All this I have spent because of the sheepishly mindset of a neighbor who has found pleasure in sleeping in the noise of generator while every other people around should be awake listening to the creeking sound of the rickety generator.

As a result of this dusk to dawn noise in this country, many of us do not have much energy again. You may not be worrying too much, yet you are not getting enough sleep due to noise that abound in the neighborhood. Some people who could sleep in such an environment subject themselves on inducement. Those who do not take anything, like me, are tortured physically and psychologically, hence spending too much energy whilst indoor.

In this unending noisy habits of Nigerians in this country even in the absence of thorough medicine or psychotherapy (while undergoing this noisy environmental torture), we individually become stressed up, addicted to inducement, angry, resentful and having every negative energy around. Like this generator that has been buzzing with smelling carbons, it creates both psychological and physical sensations in your body that only leaves you with hurt, destructive and painful self.

Odimegwu Onwumere
April 27, 2024.