Nigeria’s Land Polluted, Defiled, Only God Can Heal It – Bishop Adeoye

By The Nigerian Voice
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Bishop Seun Adeoye

The Lead Bishop of Worldwide Anglican Church (WAC) in Nigeria, Bishop Seun Adeoye on Monday stated that the unending shedding of innocent blood in Nigeria has negatively impacted the country.

The founder and General Overseer of Sufficient Grace and Truth Ministries (SGTM) and the Director of Information of World Bishops Council (WBC) in Africa spoke on April 1, 2024 during the conclusion of the four days 2024 Passover Celebration held at Rehoboth Arena, Okinni, Osun State.

Bishop Adeoye who took his message from the Book of Numbers 35: 30-34, noted that the shedding of innocent blood constituted grievous offence before God while such land is declared by the Scripture as “polluted as defiled”.

The cleric said God specifically in verse 33 warned that “we shall not shall not pollute the land because “blood it defileth the land” and that “the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it”.

Bishop Adeoye who noted that there were reports of sad occurrences in Nigeria which showed that virtually everywhere and everyday innocent blood were being shed and many of the perpetrators of these crimes are walking around as free men.

He lamented that thousands of innocent souls have been murdered by bandits, terrorists, separatists, kidnappers, ritualists, mobs and other armed gangs and unfortunately “we all looked away unconcerned as if such dastardly acts are normal in our society”.

“Any land where innocent souls are killed without justification is placed under the curse of God, and the word of God says that the only remedy to atone the land is to shed the blood of the killers. That is blood for blood!”

“We may not know it but I can say this that the uncountable blood of innocent souls shed in Nigeria are daily crying for revenge. They are asking for blood. But glory be to God that there is the excellent blood of Jesus, already shed and available for the atonement of the land”, he stated.

The cleric urged Christians who understood the great spiritual importance of the blood Jesus shed on the Cross and the power of His resurrection to pray fervently to God to be merciful on Nigeria by healing the land.

Bishop Adeoye explained that the menace of hunger, economic hardship, untold suffering and several other challenges ravaging the country is beyond what any politician can resolve without God’s intervention, saying that Nigeria’s land need to be cleansed without delay.

He called on President Bola Tinubu to invite Christian leaders in the country with the aim of declaring a day or a week of atonement for the cleansing, healing and prosperity of the land, adding this will lead to “total recovery” of the lost glory of Nigeria.