UK Data Protection And European AI Act: Any Conflict?

By Ikechukwu Odoemelam Esq,

UK's General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) brought evolutionary changes to the way Data and privacy were processed by individuals and businesses in United Kingdom. As businesses were given opportunity to change their policies, the plan took a long time be enacted with the main purpose of 'harmonizing' data privacy laws in Europe.

The thrust of the legislation are:

1. Minimisation of data

2. Effective and efficient storage of data

3. Lawfulness of data acquisition and custody

4. Accuracy of data collected

5. Fairness in handling data

6. Transparency in dealing with data collection and custody

7. Purposeful approach

8. Integrity of process

Although UK GDPR seems like a forerunner to the European Act, yet they belong to different legal frameworks. Whereas UK GDPR preceded Europe's GDPR, the former was specifically enacted by UK parliament with UK jurisdiction in mind; while the latter was enacted by European parliament which does not include United Kingdom due to 2020 Brexit referendum.

There is no conflict of laws between the two legislation since the aim has always been to 'harmonise' regulatory frameworks. Businesses in UK and those in European Economic Areas still exchange data and processes as usual irrespective of the unfolding developments.

If you as individual, student, business, freelancer or member of the public doing business or transactions involving Data privacy and AI in Europe; and you're in doubt quickly contact any versed Attorney for guide.

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