Communication is Important

By Modern Ghana
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Communication is very important. There are many folks that zone out and watch TV all the time instead of listening to their spouse or other loved ones, including friends as well and they allow TV to be their main focus in life.

Do something with a friend or spouse, go bowling together, play golf, or swim in a pool and do something constructive and good for you. You need to talk to your man or woman, if you do not already, and going places, such as movies, zoos, parks, just to take a walk in the woods, is something to consider.

I myself spend time with my mate. We go places, such as flee markets, carnivals, wine testing places, to ball games as well and go fishing together. You too, can spend quality time with your partner or spouse, and there are so many things one can do with their loved one, such as make crafts together, anything that pops in your head, do not hesitate to bring it up to your spouse or friend.

You can go skiing together, run laps together, even play indoor games on rainy days. Have a picnic on a warm and sunny day, or just look at the stars at night together as a couple. You can rent a boat and go boating together, go to a musuem, you get the ideal picture here and you can even take pictures of one another. My husband and I seen old antique cars recently and we took turns, taking pictures of us by these older model cars, and it was a lot of fun. We visit family members and had a cook out the other day in fact. See..there are lots of things, you and your spouse or partner can do for fun, and if it is money you are concerned about, don't be. You can walk hand in hand on the beach together, or collect old coins and stamps together, such as me and my husband do now.

There are a lot of interesting things one can do with a friend, spouse or partner. It does not have to cost a fortune either. But..communication is key here, and you can talk to one another as you sit on your front porch or outside in a lawn chair, just talk and see what interesting words you can say to one another.

I know it may cost a bit to take a trip but save cash or money up and go someplace nice together, even if it is for a few days. You can possibly rent a camper, and camp by the woods and collect leaves together, just make sure it is not poison oak or poison ivy now folks. But you can listen to the birds chirp and sing their melodious tunes and you can find butterflies and make a collection of them. Anything that comes to mind, you may find enlightening and fun to do, do it by all means.

You may wish to talk during all hours of the night and then wake up later on, take a long nap together, and have homemade breakfast, in bed, watch some TV if you wish too, but not a lot of it. Agree on one or two comedy or drama shows together, then read a book to each other such as poetry. Me and my husband take one hr. per day to read our books, and turn off the TV, then we discuss what we read. You may be surprised at all the fun and exciting things one can do with their spouse or a friend.

So don't be a prude and just zone out watching TV all the time. You can see a movie together, with your loved one or spouse, and talk about it, write about your fun times you spent with your spouse in a journal or diary, and you can drawl pictures in it too, and get a coloring book, and you and your spouse and or friend can color together. My husband and I do this as well, color pictures. It's easy to do, simple and does not cost you a fortune and then you can rate which picture is the best, make up games at home as well. I always loved musical chairs and you can invite friends and family members to play games with you. All in all, just have loads of fun and do not worry about things, let life take its' natural course and everything will be just fine.

Do spend as much time as you possibly can with your friend(s) or partner and do things together, such as cooking together, and then you will find out more and more about each other, the more and interesting things you do alone with your partner or special friend. Have fun no matter what, and if you feel their is something more you can do together, then write them all down on a sheet of paper or diary, and then talk about it amongst yourselves. Well...I hope my article was of some use and help and that you do find fun exciting things to do together and do talk to one another, often as you can. Even leave..."I love you notes" on the frig or by the mirror. Remember it is not how long the words are, it is how you say and or write them down, even love ya babe, to another you love, is good enough, for a while, but make sure to get out there and do something together. Do not allow time to pass you by. Life is short as it is. Remember this much.

Take care and thanks again...for reading my aritcle gang, it is much appreciated.

BY: Melanie Miller