Shutting Down The Transcripts Unit Of The University Of Calabar, Nigeria - Another Mal-Administrative Adventure Of The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Florence Banku Obi

By Udo Akpan
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Prof. Florence Banku Obi (Vice Chancellor, University of Calabar)

Prof. Florence Banku Obi, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar, Nigeria ordered the shutting down of the transcripts processing unit, an important unit of the registry.

Following the directives of Prof Florence Banku Obi, this important unit of the Registry department has remained under lock and key for several weeks till date. The staff have also been denied entry to their offices to perform their functions of processing requests for academic transcripts by various applicants from different parts of the world.

In recent times, this Vice Chancellor has been mired in controversies and has been at war with a good number of staff of the University community due to her rapacious pursuit of personal interests, which one does not expect in a university's administration. The closure of the Transcript Unit of this popular Nigerian federal university is another display of her high-handedness, harassment of staff, instilling fear in other university professors to muzzle opposition to her maladministration and overt display of nepotism.

My findings showed that in her desperation to install her acolyte, Prof Florence Obi had surreptitiously removed one Barr. George Fortune Igbikikune, who hails from Rivers State and was the head of the Transcript processing unit in the University's registry. This selfish action which can only be concluded is based on nepotism, has generally bred bad blood amongst the University of Calabar staff, all of whom have vehemently opposed her actions, showing various open reactions and criticisms. In her usual irrational display of power to suppress opposition to her selfish actions, Prof Obi directed that the Transcripts Unit of the University be shut down and the office has remained closed to date.

By shutting down the Transcript Unit of such a large Nigerian Federal university, the Vice Chancellor Prof Florence Banku Obi has shown her insensitivity to the plight of numerous people both in Nigeria and abroad who have paid and applied for their transcripts for their academic and professional pursuits. My findings further show that many calls from these applicants to the university for release of their transcripts are to no avail and many of these transcript applicants are contemplating to institute legal actions to seek redress against University of Calabar if their transcripts are not processed and sent by next week. It calls to question why University of Calabar will be inundated with many legal suits from applicants of transcripts seeking redress for losses due to delayed processing of their academic transcripts just because of avoidable and selfish action of the Vice Chancellor.

The action of the present University authority is bringing the good image of University of Calabar to disrepute before Nigerian and international communities. The attention of the University’s Council, Nigerian University Commission (NUC), Minister for Education, ICPC and other appropriate bodies should be drawn to another scandalous crisis confronting the Institution.

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