Cost Of Living Crisis In Nigeria

By The Nigerian Voice

A call has gone out to the Federal Government to take emergency measures to mitigate the hardship facing Nigerians.The call was made by the Executive Director of the Human and Environmental Rights Dynamic Development Advocacy Initiative, Herdadi, Dr. John Idumange in Port Harcourt.

Dr. Idumange lamented the cost of living crisis in the country, adding that for the past eight months, Nigerians are passing through hell on earth. He told newsmen at the Landmark Hotel that while the price of essential commodities has quadrupled, the N30,000.00 minimum wage has remained the same. This according to him has increased the misery index of Nigerians. The Tinubu administration has not taken measures to ensure food security and regretted why in spite of the huge debts we are owing, government is intent on borrowing more money.

Since May, 2023 when the subsidy on petroleum products was removed, the price of cooking gas has gone up astronomically. Stable good, groceries and other consumables have gone to the roof tops while income lol levels remain stagnant. Nigerians need deficit financing to create jobs; we need massive investment in Agriculture to reduce hunger and poverty; we need the President to govern with human face and stop pretending about the mindless devaluation of the currency.

He commends the efforts of those who have started protesting the cost of living crisis and expressed the view that such protests are not politically motivated.

Said he "If critical measures are not taken to reduce the cost of living Crisis, Herdadi will embark on a peaceful 10million-man match in major towns and cities of Nigeria. The ordinary Nigerians are dying of hunger, sickness and death. Why is the government punishing the people, he reiterated.!

It is essential to note that the Coordinating Minister of the economy Mr. Wale Edun has proposed to borrow the sum of $1.5billion to shore up the economy. Dr. Idumange said our problem is not to take loans; our problem is that when we take loans, the money is looted. He advised Nigerians to turn to agriculture to avoid famine, which is a looming epidemic that might befall Nigeria sooner than later, he concluded!.

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