Maryland Police Clears Orji Uzor Kalu Of Involvement In Death Of Female At His Usa Home

Source: has received information from the Montgomery County police indicating that the former two-time governor of Abia State in the person of Orji Uzor Kalu has been cleared of involvement in the death of female [late Chinwe Masi] visitor who died at his residence in Maryland 30minutes after her arrival.

According to the Montgomery County police, Ms. Chinwe Masi died on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 8.38pm after paramedics and other related service personnel arrived at the 14900 River Road, Potomac, MD residence of Orji Uzor Kalu - following a 911 call by Orji Uzor Kalu.

The paramedics who were present at the scene indicated that Chinwe Masi was alive when they got to the scene. “She was foaming and bleeding through the mouth”. One of the paramedics spoke to indicating that Chinwe Masi told Orji Uzor Kalu to dial 911 – that she was having a cardiac arrest. He added that when they arrived and began prepping and readying her to board the ambulance, she gave up. At which point they stopped and called the police authorities. The police arrived and pronounced her dead exactly 30minutes after her arrival to the home of the former governor.

With the arrival of the police, they immediately swooped into action and began what was termed 'an elaborate' investigation. Our source counted 25 security personnel present at the compound. They collected the telephones belonging to Orji Uzor Kalu, Chinwe Masi and of four other persons present at the house. They took samples of the beddings, furniture, glasses, and fingerprints. They also ran checks on the call history of all the collected telephones including medical background checks on the deceased. Other checks were conducted exhaustively.

Through the checks, the policemen ascertained that Chinwe Masi had come to visit Orji Uzor Kalu at exactly 8pm on Thursday 19th of August in the presence of three men and a lady. She had come to deliver some articles believed to be cologne which Orji Uzor Kalu had purchased from her store at the Montgomery Mall in June 2010 when he last visited the United States. This, the police discovered still wrapped in her handbag. The police gathered also that Chinwe Masi's visit to Orji Uzor Kalu's home to be the second meeting between the former governor and the lady - this first meeting being when Orji Uzor Kalu purchased the colognes in June 2010. The police indicated that there were no evidence pointing to a prior relationship between the two parties.

The police also placed calls to the last two numbers Chinwe Masi dialed before her demise using her cell phone. One of the numbers belonged to her close friend who resides in Las Vegas by the name Nonye, and the other number belonged to her other close friend from Haiti by the name Maria who resides in the Washington DC metro area.

The police spoke to both friends. Nonye told the police that she had visited Nigeria in July 2010 with Chinwe Masi – of which they had just returned recently. She also told the police that Chinwe Masi had suffered from chronic high blood pressure and that she had survived a mild cardiac attack early last year. Maria echoed similar story to the police.

Nonetheless, the Montgomery County police have scheduled the corpse of Chinwe Masi for autopsy to determine the cause of death. But through cursory investigation, it has ruled out foul-play in the death of Chinwe Masi. One of the paramedic who spoke to our source indicated that the death was “mostly likely” of natural cause. tried to reach Orji Uzor Kalu for comments but he was not picking his calls.

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