Why Should I Keep Seeking Knowledge When My Country Does Not Value It?

By Quadri Afolabi
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Quadri Afolabi

I started reading another book this morning: “Focus On What Matters” by Darius Foroux. As my reading habit, I started from the introduction to have an insight into the book in addition to that of the title. Few pages into the book I came across this thought-provoking idea: “When you make an effort to acquire knowledge, you nourish your spirit. Learning gives you energy, even if you don’t use every single thing you learn.” Before this time, I had never felt bad about reading more books but I was always scared I wouldn't remember or be able to use everything I learned in every book I have read. Nevertheless, I keep reading. This might also be an issue some other readers are facing out there and that prompted me to talk about this.

He added, “Ultimately, whether you use knowledge or not, it’s a great way of living. One that gives you energy and can change your life.” The biggest mistake made by many students in the University nowadays is that they have limited knowledge pursuit to what is heard from lecturers within the four walls of a lecture room, or what they are compelled to study in the reading materials provided by each lecturer. This is not to be so. Dr GAB once said: “compulsory education ends in JSS3.” He further averred, “That's why it's called basic 9 because it is the basic education everyone needs.” That means if you find your way into the university, then you should find the energy to boost your relevance in pursuing academic knowledge. If not, then of what importance is your presence in the university when an artisan who stopped schooling at SSS3– doing well financially in his field— could communicate in English as you and you have nothing else you invest your life in than schooling.

Education is meant to equip you with knowledge instruments that, will make your life better and make you thrive well in your chosen career, when deployed into making further researches about the hidden treasures in life —whether or not it is academics-based. Being educated, there are ways to pursuing knowledge-cum-wisdom according to Darius: “To have knowledge of life, pursue wisdom in books, articles, and through conversations with other people who are on the same path.” Don’t limit yourself to what is taught in the lecture hall. If now, you are literate and have your academic proficiency through attending classes and reading only course-related materials, imagine how much knowledge you would record by putting extra efforts and going outside the box. Even if our country seems not to value pursuing vast knowledge, at least it adds value to your life.

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