Dear Pope Francis Christianity Can Respect Rights Of The Gays butCannot Use The Holy Bible To Bless Gay Marriages

By Alexander Opicho (Nairobi, Kenya)

Pope Francis. The media is awash with your resolution to have the Catholic church bless and glorify Gay marriages. Your decision puzzles conscience of many. It is also an impeachment to parenting. Humanity has been relying on religious institutions like the Catholic church to protect dignity of the family, but unfortunately you have chosen to betray the family. Yes, sometimes homosexual orientation occurs as unavoidable natural deviation.

We are all sorry, but in most of present day cases, homosexuality among the youth is deliberate behavioural deviance whose perpetration is supported by Western Capitalism and some cosmetic ideologies to achieve anti-natalist goals. We all know that you are about to intensify preaching in support of homosexuality among African youths. We shall resist you . Evidently, diplomatic logic dictates that you are now saying that the Catholic church has to be criminalized in the Islamic world and in the pronatalist states like Uganda.

Your highness you have goofed. Homosexuality is to be fought in the same way your church has been fighting polygamy in Africa.Truly, Humanity has to fight homosexuality the way it has been fighting alcoholism , drug abuse and terrorism. But the eventuality of Catholic church turning around to glorify homosexuality is equivalent to glorifying biological terrorism. I differ and humanity in it's correct frame of mind has to differ with Pope Francis on his Catholic homosexuality. Personally , this the time I am getting fully convinced that Christianity is a sham religion.

Alexander Opicho
(Nairobi, Kenya)

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