By Lere Olayinka
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Chief Press Secretary to Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Wale Ojo-Lanre has described a former governor of the State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose as a chronic liar, who will not mind lying against himself to achieve whatever objective he desires.

Ojo-Lanre, who was reacting to claim by the Labour Party (LP), that Governor Segun Oni's Aide-de-Camp (ADC), Mr. Olasoji Akinbayo was in a mission to assassinate Fayose alongside a brother to the governor, Lanre Oni when he (Lanre) was shot by the police at Esa-Oke junction, said all sane minds knew then that the ADC was in Ado-Ekiti the day Lanre was shot by overzealous policemen.

“The latest in the series of Fayose's falsehood is his claim that Governor Oni's brother was shot in a vehicle alongside his ADC at Esa-Oke junction when they were on a similar mission to Fayose's residence at Ibadan.

“The fact that he mentioned the governor's ADC who was not among the four occupants of the KIA Picanto car in which Lanre was travelling to Ibadan to purchase tyres for the then Chief Detail to the governor put a lie to his entire allegation.

“While we know as a fact that nothing is beyond Fayose in his personal capacity, those who know him would attest to his propensity to call black white at all times but the problem we have here is the sacred institution of being a former governor which he is dragging to the mud.

“There was no time that the governor's ADC was involved in any incident along Esa-Oke junction and in anycase how could the governor's ADC leave his primary assignment of defending his boss and go after somebody who in anyway does not constitute a threat to the governor? But to a Fayose, who has lied even against himself several times, an ADC can leave his boss in Ado-Ekiti for Ibadan,” Ojo-Lanre said.

Describing Fayose's era as governor of Ekiti State as a period no sane mind aould want to remember, the governor's spokesperson said; “It is unfortunate that time has indeed healed old wound. We still don't understand why a man like that tyrant should still be working the streets.

“Do we begin to launch back to his tenure when political motivated killings were the order of the day? Ayo Daramola death is largely unresolved, Tunde Omojola death is still a subject of legal battle.

What about the innocent students of the College of Education, Ikere that were killed just because they ventured to protest against Fayose's draconian rule?

“Only recently, his hatchet man, one Charles Ojo Ovie was caught after the organized kidnapping that has sent many to their graves.

“The same Ovie alleged that Fayose is his godfather and he can recall how he killled many people, including policemen.

“This is only recently and Charles is still alive in the detention despite spirited attempts to get him freed.

“We however understand he has every reason to fear because the evil that men do, lives after them. We understand that since he has murdered sleep with those people's blood calling for vengeance, he would be afraid to sleep.

“He therefore needs to tell lies against other people so as to give the impression that he is not the only one that is blood-thirsty.”