There Is An Other Side


There is another side,
A place where our struggle,
A place where our inner pain,
A place where our burdens
Fade away.
There is another side.

There is another side,
Though we all live in this world,
Though we all live on this Earth, but,
There is another side.
There is a better place too.

We live on this Earth as humans,
Looking the same as humans should, but,
We have different pains.
To me, it might be the pain of loneliness,
To another, sickness and failure,
To another, infirmity and depression,
To another, depression and more.

There is another side,
Another side where we could totally find rest,
Another side where our pains are gone,
Another side where there is peace and harmony.

We all know about this Earth. But,
Not all know about this other side.
There is another side, and,
The only pass for us to get to this other side is
Through a man who is a gate.
He is the gate to the other side.
His name is Jesus, the son of God.
Jesus is the gate to the other side.
This other side is Eternity.



Writer's review:

The poem appears to convey a message about the existence of another, better side or place beyond the struggles and pains of earthly life. It explores the idea that people share a common existence on Earth but experience different forms of pain. The poem suggests that there is a place of rest, peace, and harmony, referred to as "the other side," and emphasizes that the path to this place is through Jesus, who is depicted as a gate to eternity. The use of "Shalom" at the end, which means peace in Hebrew, reinforces the theme of finding peace and completeness in this other side. Overall, the poem reflects on spiritual and existential themes, emphasizing hope and solace through faith.