ASMATA Conflict Resolution Group Urges Soludo To Ignore Faceless Petitioners Against PG, Honour Anuna For Restoring Peace

By Uzo Ugwunze
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The Anambra State Markets Amalgamated Traders' Association, ASMATA, Conflict Resolution Committee, led by Chief Eric Uwaoma, chairman, and comrade Peter Okala, secretary, Thursday, urged faceless petition writers against the President General, PG, of ASMATA, Chief Hon. Humphrey Anuna, to turn a new leaf as their petition against the PG would not deter him from taking traders in the State to the next level.

The committee reminded them that it is in the time of the incumbent PG that peace for the first time is restored and the Internal Generated Revenue, IGR, base increased in all the markets in the State which abinitio, was unachievable as money generated went to private pause.

In a reply petition by the Committee to the faceless petition writers which was made available to newsmen in Onitsha, it read in part thus,' "The attention of the office of the Peace And Conflict Resolution Committee, ASMATA, has been drawn to a Praise publication to the President General, Anambra State Market Amalgamated Traders Association ASMATA, from one Mr Oliver Nwachukwu and his faceless organization, called, "Anambra Traders Ambassador and Anambra State Traders Stakeholders", for allegedly being fingered in collaboration with an employee of Anambra State Government to have diverted funds belonging to the State Government and 3% incentives for ASMATA executives.

"Ordinarily, the said praise publication in some social media ought to have been ignored but for the motivation it entails for the individual and association mentioned in the supposedly unsubstantiated allegations that amounted to praise.

"Mr Governor is invited to observe that the said false and malicious allegations have announced the final frustration and total fall of the opposition and liars in Anambra State.

"When the liars and opposition gather to carry out their nefarious activities having been paid heavily by the money bags and enemies of progress in Anambra State to spite on the face of patriotic individuals and institutions and it turned out in praise , implies that SOLUTION is here for REAL.

"ASMATA Conflict Resolution Committee observed that instead of the so called faceless opposition to appreciate the doggedness of the State Government to wrestle with the money bags in Anambra State who have before now taken custody of 85% of the Internally Generated Revenue, IGR, and holding successive administrations to the jugular and using same for expensive convoys and exotic houses abroad while the state wallows in abject poverty.

"That the faceless opposition who are sponsored by these defeated money bags suddenly came up with allegations of diversion of state funds by the very individuals and institutions who worked in partnership with the State Government to make a historic improvement in IGR since the creation of Anambra State.

"These opposition and faceless organizations should bury their face in shame and accept defeat for Anambra State Government and her authorized partners towards IGR collection are still busy working out an appropriate benchmark for the state IGR and have not hired any faceless organization to monitor diversion.

"Assuming but not Conceding that the faceless opposition organization meant well for Ndi Anambra for having a government of transparency and accountability that has improved the level of IGR from three hundred million naira (#300m) to a whooping three billion naira (#3bln) from only traders in Anambra State , they should have poured encomiums to ASMATA and Chief Humphrey Chikwudi Anuna's leadership.

"Even from their own calculation only 3% of the total IGR is their problem which shows that the 97% of the total sum was remitted which shows an excellent performance on the side of ASMATA and Chief Humphrey Chikwudi Anuna's leadership

"These elements should be thinking about what kind of presentation and honor to be given to ASMATA and her leadership as a mark of appreciation and motivation for parading an excellent partnership with the greatest Government in the history of Anambra State.

"ASMATA Peace and Conflict Resolution Committee wishes to call on the faceless opposition organization not to cry more than the bereaved over the 3% incentives from the state Government as the ASMATA Executives are more concerned about the 97% of the total IGR to the state Government and would only settle down to celebrate after the work is completely done.

"It would be proper for any good Samaritan to solicit for the 3% for the Executives when the numbers are correct and the work completely done.

"Rather than deliberately casting aspersions to the Patriotic individuals and institutions (ASMATA) leadership should be commended for the Peace in the 85% of all the markets in Anambra State against the ugly situation in the markets previously that led to the government dissolving leadership of 31 Markets in one single day .

"Mr Governor is once again invited to celebrate the fall of the opposition in Anambra State and honor the ASMATA leadership with a merit award as a mark of motivation to do more as the declaration of Mr Governor to partner with traders remains sacrosanct," they stated.