Requiem For Effium. (to Effium Community Of Ebonyi State)

By Monday Eze
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This morning is night in Effium
A place united by penury and divided by prosperity!

Today the funeral of Effium began
With children and women taken to slaughter
In the name of the unnamed soldier.
The dog has gotten a name that fits the gallows
And the baptizers can now rest
As their allies draw their aspirations with bloody pens

And guns that make us statesmen without cradles.
Eyes have seen things
But in that clink of episcopal and royal chalices
To cheer the desolation of Effium
The child died on the laps of its mom!
Relapsed in finitude
Awaiting queries for bold violators
Of peace and ceasefire accords
We chant, Ojileka togbooooooo!
Copyright ©️ Eze, Monday 07:30 hrs 28:10:23