'Why Jonathan must not renew the Maputo protocol'– Dr. Njemanze

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The Maputo Protocol is a treaty instrument that is binding on all countries that ratify it. The official document is titled 'Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People's Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa .' The Protocol went into effect in November  2005, after the minimum of 15 of the 53 African Union member countries ratified it. As of June 2007, according to the African Union (AU), 43 nations have signed it and 21 have formally ratified it. Over time it has generated disturbing controversies most of which allege that Africans were misled into signing the document. In this interview with STEVE UZOECHI in Owerri,  Dr. Philip Njemanze, the Chairman of the International Institute of Advanced Research and Training and Chairman of the Global Prolife Alliance, explains why President Goodluck Jonathan as a matter of urgent national interest, must not renew the protocol which expires this year. Except:  

The Hidden Aims and deception of Maputo Protocol:   Proponents of the Maputo Protocol urge that it would help prevent Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Africa . However, out of the 23 pages, it mentions FGM in only one sentence. But the aim of Maputo Protocol is essentially to provide the legal protection for actions leading to the economic revitalization of the West, using Africans as the human materials for the biotechnology revolution in stem cell research. The ailing Western economies prompted western leaders of industry to seek the next technological revolution that will be way beyond the capacity of the emerging markets of China , India , Brazil and Asian countries. The leading western billionaire investors came up with the idea that embryonic stem cell research offers such opportunities. They estimated that over 30 trillion US dollars could be realized within a few years of full operation of the embryonic stem transplantation market. These billionaires consolidated their personal fortunes into one fund called the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation. This they did for two reasons, one because if they declare it, over 60 billion USD could be marked as 'philanthropic' fund, that creates a 'tax heaven' for all the billionaires that contribute to it. Secondly, it will form a perfect deception of the real intention for this fund. With this fund, they could take over the apparatchik of the United Nations (UN) and actualize their aims through the UN agencies.

On the other hand, they got the cooperation of G8 leaders who were desperately in need of an economic boom, to lobby the African heads of states to accept protocols and treaties that will provide legal cover to obtain human materials for the embryonic stem cell industry from Africa . One prominent leader, Prime Minister Tony Blair of the UK as chairman of the G8 Summit in Scottsdale , 2005, helped to lunch the G8 initiative called the 'African Action Plan', which tied foreign aid to abortion rights. This initiative was to pay African countries $52 billion USD in exchange for signing and ratifying the Maputo Protocol. As far as this process is not completed, this payment is pending, since this money comes from the billionaire investors, through the Paris Club.  

The two sources of human materials for the stem cell industry are the embryonic stem cell to be derived from harvesting ovarian eggs of poor African women, and the aborted fetal tissues, for which they invented the so-called 'safe abortion with IPAS MVA Plus, a big syringe for collection of aborted fetal tissues. They estimate that over 100 million eggs per year would be needed by laboratories in Europe alone, to pursue this research. This would mean that over 10 million African women would need to donate their ovarian eggs for food for the families every year. This will require full transformation of the African society, so that girls and women would have no inhibitions from families or society. Therefore, they developed multiple strategies. The stakeholders are all related, for example some are engaged in crop development (for example Rockefeller Foundation) others in advocacy (IPPF, IPAS, UNFPA), others in healthcare delivery (WHO, UNICEF, FAO) and others in funding agencies (Gates Foundation).  First, a crisis has to be created on the African continent, to make people desperate for food.  Several so-called crop development programs of the UN food agencies and other International Donor Food agencies exacerbated the food crisis in Africa through induced famine. This was accomplished by gradual genetic dilution of wild type food crops like cassava, wheat, soya and maize with genetically modified strains, which can have high yield in good weather but cannot withstand drought conditions. The idea is that with very high food prices African women will be desperate to do anything they can to feed their children including 'donating' their ovarian eggs to foreign and indigenous egg pouching by in-vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics. To increase the number of women who would be donating their ovarian eggs, a well coordinated program ran through the WHO and other UN agencies, merged vaccines with infertility fragments called anti-human gonadotropic (anti-HCG). The anti-HCG was merged with tetanus vaccine, human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, H1N1 vaccine, anti-malarial vaccine, anti-HIV vaccine, polio vaccine and others to cause rise in anti-HCG antibodies, which will eventually cause infertility in African women. This is in addition to use of chemicals causing infertility in cosmetics sold in Africa .  Estimates made from the EU Parliament report on  Human Egg Trafficking by Tutkova , 2006, put the market in Nigeria as much as $5 billion USD a year, through a network of IVF clinics operated by foreign firms (Nordica) using some local proxies (Bridge Clinic and others).

The second source, are aborted fetal tissues, which are also used as rich source of pluripotent stem cells that can differentiate into three germ layers for growing tissues for stem cell transplantation. This can only happen if you try to create the 'Emancipated African Woman' who would ask for abortion-on-demand as a means of contraception, and is ready to sell her aborted cells to the doctor for money. She would readily come back after a few months, to sell another aborted tissue to solve pressing financial problems at home. The aim is to establish the ' Trans-Atlantic Embryonic and Fetal Tissue Trafficking Trade' .  It was designed that the African governments would not be aware of the consequences of signing the Maputo Protocol until the effects have set in, and then it would be too late to stop the trade that brings money to people in failed states.

They further planned that by using instruments like the 'Yogyarkarta Principles' to force homosexualism on African countries, a local constituency would form a pressure group that would sustain the IVF clinics. Furthermore, by advocating radical feminism it is calculated that there would be no restrictions for a woman in a family to decide to use her body to make money for herself as she deems fit. The idea of radical feminism is essential to the success of the goals of African detractors. By widening the option to homosexualism, divorced or single women could go into civil unions and marriages with fellow women, with option to create a family either by IVF or adoption. Similarly, men are provided with the same options.  

Origin of this emerging trend in global development:   Unarguably, this strange culture is derived from what we may call the Western Neo -paganistic Secularism particularly in America and Europe . These trends in Western development, including the issues of euthanasia, are referred to as 'Culture of Death', by Pope John Paul II of blessed memory.  This is actually a religion without religious ceremonies. It derives from paganistic Greek culture of Europe that worships gods of wealth expressed in terminologies such as Western consumerism, materialism, and so on. Western Neo -paganistic religion professes survival of the fittest, conquest, and extermination of the weak for the prosperity of the rich and powerful of the World, in the name of market competition. This is in sharp contrast to the African traditional worldview that 'the strong shall thrive and the weak shall be protected', even seen to this day despite Western adulterations, in the extensive social welfare of the African extended family system. It is embedded in our Christian belief of 'be your brothers keeper' and our Islamic Zakăt obligations. The Western countries conglomerate themselves not for the interest of all, but for the prosperity of the few strong giant (G8) nations.  Our Pro-Life African values brought about civilization for humankind through arts, culture and respect for human dignity, while neo-paganism brings about prosperity through conquest of colonialism and extermination of the weak. This explains why the aborigines of nations of the Western countries were virtually exterminated. This must not be allowed to happen again, by the collective actions of all progressive humankind.   Our peoples are victims of the menace of these primitive ideologies all through the ages, from slavery, racism, nazism, fascism, apartheid, socialism, communism, capitalism, imperialism, and now embryonic stem cell research. All Africans have a paramount life goal to profess the protection of life, because the acceptance of this core value by all is the promised redemption for humankind. This destiny of humankind was the dream of our brother Dr. Martin Luther King of blessed memory. African leaders must echo his voice to lead humankind to racial harmony, peace and prosperity.

The weakest of the weak in this world are the unborn African children, and their poor African mothers. In the same mindset as in Nazism, the pro-abortion organizations like IPPF, UNFPA, IPAS and others using the Maputo Protocol, to accomplish the extermination of the unborn African Child and his mother. African nations must push for the Re-evangelization of Western Europe and America by the Church in Europe and America , because the origin of this Culture War is spiritual bankruptcy of the elite of modern Neo-paganistic Western Secularism. This would prevent them from exporting these 'lethal' ideologies to us under different deceptive schemes. They would rather prefer to use the AU, foreign aid, and highly placed people of African decent to accomplish their goals. Christians, Moslems and progressive humankind of all races must unite to oppose the Maputo Protocol, CEDAW, Yogyarkarta Principles, and others, in order to prevent the extermination of the entire people of Africa . For those who are naïve, and think that extermination of Black Africans cannot happen in our time, please think again. Africa was 21% of World population before slavery, but after slavery we were 9% of World population. One must ask where are the 90 million aborigines of North and South America before the arrival of Columbus . With the accomplishment of the domestication of Maputo Protocol, and with continuing injection of infertility vaccines to African women, there will be no future Black Africans. Now is the time to stop this wild assault on a people. If Maputo Protocol is renewed for the next five years, it might be the beginning of the end of Africa that once had black Africans.        Constitutionality of the Maputo Protocol:  

     International protocols and treaties are not superior to the constitution of any country. The Maputo protocol just like CEDAW erodes the powers of the constitution of African countries. Like CEDAW, Maputo Protocol renders national parliaments subject to regulation, reprimand by citizens of foreign powers even when they are members of the CEDAW enforcement committee. It was on this basis that the United States Senate rejected the ratification of CEDAW. There are no guarantees that foreign interests would not erode national independence in the process of enforcement of their interpretation of the Maputo Protocol. It therefore follows that, on matters of core values for any African country, which had signed the Maputo Protocol or CEDAW, only the dictates of a committee of foreign persons holds a veto over and above the national constitution, and all other national laws, religions and traditions.  

On the sovereignty of African countries:    By signing of the Maputo Protocol, African countries have now submitted themselves to formal Biological Colonization of the entire continent, thus devaluating their so-called independence bought with the blood of their forbearers. It is in this light that, all Africans should regard the Maputo Protocol as an insult to the memories of our forbearers who fought so hard for our independence only for us to loose it to a proactive pro-abortion group of a few men and women on the committees at the UN and elsewhere. Europe could not maintain colonialism by force of arms, but we lost our independence to mare deception of letters. The Maputo Protocol must not be renewed, if we are to assert our   independence once more. It must be regarded as an act of treason for anyone to advocate the signing of Maputo Protocol and CEDAW that would surrender national independence to foreign powers. Instead, free thinkers could advocate good ideas such as extermination of Female Genital Mutilation in a Bill, so we can pass it as a national law by our own parliaments.    

Elimination of core African cultural and family values:   In the first place what does discrimination mean in Maputo Protocol? The Maputo Protocol, which never defines Female Genital Mutilation or distinguishes it from true medical procedures, took time to define discrimination this way: "'Discrimination against women' means any distinction, exclusion or restriction or any differential treatment based on sex and whose objectives or effects compromise or de stroy the recognition, enjoyment or the exercise by wom en, regardless of their marital status, of human rights and - fundamental freedoms in all spheres of life." This broad definition would seem to outlaw almost any distinction based on sex. They tend to also suggest that God should have created us all men, or all women. From their definition, all-male military combat units, priesthood, traditional rulership of communities and many other sensitive areas of our culture seem now forbidden to be for men alone.

Also the International Human Rights Organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have undertaken to cite as grave human rights breeches any restrictions on abortion-on-demand in African countries. They have made it commonplace to assess progress on human rights based on access to abortions. There is a trend to use this form of intimidation of African leaders coupled with threats of issuance of warrants of arrests for human rights violations. African leaders must reject this form of intimidation, which will be worse than that of the International Criminal Court in The Hague . The Maputo Protocol also states very clearly that it mandates a totalitarian program to 'brainwash' Africans into radical feminist ways of thinking: "States Parties shall commit themselves to modify the so cial and cultural patterns of conduct of women and men' through public education, information, education and communication strategies, with a view to achieving the elimination of harmful cultural and traditional practices and all other practices which are based on the idea of the inferiority or the superiority of either of the sexes, or on stereotyped roles for women and men."

The Protocol states   "eliminate all stereotypes in textbooks, syllabuses and the media, which perpetuate such discrimination" Which "stereotypes" are to be eliminated? Feminists in the West argue that the traditional roles of husbands and wives in the family should be included as "stereotypes". In Western nations, traditional families where the mother stays at home to be the primary care-giver for the children face discrimination in society, taxes, and government programs even though there are tens of millions of them. Girls are indoctrinated in schools and the media to believe that a professional career is their only valuable choice. The result has been dramatic increases in family breakdown, illegitimacy, fatherless families, involuntarily single and childless women, and suicidal birthrates far below replacement level. Africans also face crises with family formation and steadily increasing numbers of orphans. Do African women need to hear that they should not take on the stereotyped role of child care-giver? Do African men need to hear that they shouldn't serve as breadwinners for their families?  

On Freedom of the Press and religion:   The Maputo Protocol would even attack freedom of the press if implemented. The promotion of traditional views on the African Family would be illegal under the Maputo Protocol. Any expression of gender roles would be termed as stereotyping and the media could be liable for damages.

The Protocol would also outlaw religious teachings from the Holy Bible and Holy Koran, since religious teachings profess gender complementation rather than gender sameness. If the constitutions in African countries are made to be compliant with the Maputo Protocol, there could be no moral or ethical teachings based on the Holy Bible or Holy Koran in schools. The ordination of Reverend Fathers, Bishops and Imams must by law be open to women in these roles. This means that the Catholic and Anglican Churches in Africa would be illegal entities, since they do not accord the same roles to men and women within the Church.  

Abolition of African Traditional Institutions:               Usually, the traditional kingship in most communities is inherited by men. Under the Maputo Protocol, all traditional institutions headed by men must be made open to women inheritance. This would create tribal conflicts that would breakup communities as law courts would award women the traditional kingship, but the people would rebel against that, leading to insecurity and conflict in almost all parts of Africa , if the Protocol is fully domesticated.  

The missing conscience clause:   There is no conscience clause in the Maputo Protocol, as usually provided in most national laws where abortion is legal. Africans are religious people, but Article 14 of the Maputo Protocol enforces abortion-on-demand up to the ninth month of pregnancy. This would mean that medical doctors and nurses must comply with the wish of a patient to have an abortion regardless of what their conscience tells them is right. Failure to provide abortion to a patient could mean imprisonment and hence we expect a high number of prisoners of conscience in Africa .   Doctors and nurse have no option to reject carrying out of the abortion procedure if they have a conflict of conscience. Under the Maputo Protocol the only way to escape carrying out abortions is not to be a doctor or a nurse. This would decimate the entire health system, as people would prefer not to be doctors and nurses, rather than face the option of being murderers. The entire health system in African countries would collapse because of lack of medical personnel with full enforcement of the Maputo Protocol.  

   Censorship and infringement on freedom of expression:    The Maputo Protocol states: "States Parties shall adopt and implement appropriate measures to ensure the protection of every woman's right to respect for her dignity and protection of women from all forms of violence, particularly sexual and verbal vio lence." "Violence against women' means all acts perpetrated against women which cause or could cause them physical, sexual, psychological, and economic harm, including the threat to take such acts; or to undertake the imposition of arbitrary restrictions on or deprivation of fundamental freedoms in private or public life in peace time and during situations of armed conflicts or of war"

The use of the term "verbal violence" indicates a desire to impose the kind of censorship already beginning in Canada and Western Europe , where journalists and pastors have been prosecuted for saying homosexual acts are sinful or harmful. It would mean that African society would have girls, whose fathers and mothers cannot even correct for misconduct, since it could be termed as 'verbal abuse' and if the girl takes the parents to court as is often the case in America, they could be jailed for 'verbal abuse' of their child. It can only be imagined what African society would look like.

The fact that we can have a debate today on abortion is guaranteed by the constitution. However, when declarations such as "Abortion is evil!" could be considered as verbal abuse or offensive to some people, so the opposing voice is silenced by the Protocol.  Trying to outlaw abortion could be construed as an attempt to "undertake the imposition of arbitrary restrictions on or deprivation of fundamental freedoms in private or public life" by courts of the same ideological slant as the drafters of the Maputo Protocol?       How enforceable is the Maputo Protocol?   The Maputo Protocol is not propaganda, it has real practical effect. On the contrary, the Maputo Protocol is binding and enforceable. Currently, the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights has the authority to interpret the Protocol until the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights is established. The USA, EU, G8 and other international agencies are looking to use the African Union to leverage all foreign aid programs, so as to increase its powers in effecting these types of social changes in Africa The African Union is moving towards greater integration and its power will only increase, as the set goal "is full political and economic integration leading to the United States of Africa."   

Ground for deception:   Some have suggested the Maputo Protocol would help Africa curb population growth. It is irrational to suggest that African countries are over-populated. The facts are that, in most African countries, the population density ranges from 2 - 110 people per sq Km. In Europe , the population density ranges from 350 - 450 people per sq Km inhabitable areas.  Africa also faces the prospect of further depopulation from wars and disease. A review of world economic history from the 1500s to the present day, demonstrated that population density is the main engine of economic and industrial development. It appears that the critical population density before any country spirals into high economic and industrial development is about 300 per sq Km, which was attained by India , China and the Asian tigers in the past ten years. The deliberate depopulation of Africa through such obnoxious conventions as the Maputo Protocol is designed to continue the subjugation of Africa through stagnated industrial and economic development.  

On Women Development:   African governments should continue the path of women development. There must be adequate promotion of women in important roles in society. It is crucial that sexual harassment be punishable by law in institutions, public and private establishments. The FGM should be abolished in bills through the normal legislative process. There should be better recognition of the chosen roles of women in society both as mothers and as managers of the family. These roles are not in anyway lower than the roles of working men and women in society. In the traditional African setting, the woman as mother had a defining role in society, however, with Western influence this all important role has been derogated by Western press. However, the African mother remains central in the present African setting. Therefore, to import the Western interpretations given to the status of women in Africa by the Maputo Protocol is not valid.  

A word for African leaders:   The signing and ratification of the Maputo Protocol was an oversight due to undue pressure on African leaders after the devastating era of military regimes, as the incoming civilian administrations sort international recognition. The pro-abortion international organizations took advantage of African leaders. After 10 years of democratic administrations across Africa , there is a growing sense of confidence, and our ability to run our own affairs. We are increasingly aware that all that glitters is not gold in the international community. In the past the slave masters sold to us mirrors, and took our gold away. Now we must say no to our detractors, the game is up!  We must allow the present Maputo Protocol to expire with no action of renewal. We must now install safety mechanisms to prevent such blunders in international affairs. We must discuss these treaties openly and broadly, to allow broad based inputs in the formulation of these laws. The AU secretariat must be reconfigured, to respond to threats by foreign interests. There should be a rapid move to create the AU Parliament as a forum for the best of minds in Africa to help fashion Africa 's future. The future of Africa cannot be designed and packaged in Europe , United States , or the United Nations. Africa must determine her own future and destiny.

We believe that when the facts of this great conspiracy are known to the people of Western Europe and the Americas , these atrocities would be condemned unanimously, and the principal actors put on trial. The ordinary people of Western European countries and the USA are good people, and would like to see Africa prosper. They believe sincerely that their aid to Africa is used by their governments and donor organizations to do good on the continent.  Unfortunately, the same Western press, owned by just a couple of billionaires, manipulates the people. We are all victims of capitalistic greed by special interests groups.