By NBF News

Ms Ima-Abasi Esu with General Manager Commercials, Mr Ed Weggemans, at the media unveiling of new-look Maltex, in Lagos

Maltex, Nigeria's first non-alcoholic malt drink brand, has been re-branded with a new cosmopolitan label, crown cork and in a new crate. The new repackaging has tremendously enlivened and rejuvenated the brand, making it more appealing to a greater segment of consumers.

 The nation's third major brewer which owns and markets other brands like '33' Export lager beer, Hi-Malt non-alcoholic malt drink and Turbo King Dark Ale took a major step in June last year by acquiring the majority stake in DIL/Maltex Nigeria Plc. This move afforded the Maltex brand the much needed opportunity to leverage on the strength of Consolidated Breweries Plc commercial and distribution network.

To fully capitalize on the opportunities and potential of the Maltex brand, it became imperative to put in place activities that would result in a re-launch of the brand. This was approached in different phases. The first phase involved the commercial and distribution network and making it more available for everyone.

Following the success of the first phase, the brand presentation was re-jigged to further enhance its image, position it to modern day standards and build the strong heritage Maltex is known for. With the same distinctive taste, the brand now offers greater appeal and is expected to win the unalloyed affection of both current and many new consumers nationwide.

 While unveiling the new look Maltex to media in Lagos recently, the General Manager, Commercial, Mr. Ed Weggemans, stated that with the re-branding of Maltex, which involved reinforcing the distribution network to expand the reach of the brand and a new multimedia advertising campaign, would help increase the awareness for the brand. He further stressed that Maltex has a historically strong nourishing and even medicinal heritage.

According to the Brands and Promotions Manager, Ms. Ima-Abasi Esu, the theme of the new advertising campaign is tagged 'Trusted for Generation'. This theme she stated is 'supported by the strong heritage of the Maltex brand which has been fondly referred to as a truly nourishing blood tonic with essential vitamins and minerals. Since 1967, Maltex the nation's first malt brand had been helping generations of Nigerians lead healthier lives and now in 2010, the original is back for good, offering better value for all customers and consumers.