Ambazonia Independence Anniversary: Sisiku AyukTabe - KPPY Addresses Ambazonians

As Mama Ambazonia Sends Message Of Renewed Hope To Compatriots

By The Nigerian Voice

Ambazonian freedom/humanitarian activist, Paulette Mengnjo aka MAMA AMBAZONIA has called on fellow compatriots to look beyond the injustices and repression being meted to Ambazonians because the bell of freedom will soon ring.

Reflecting back on the journey so far, Mama Ambazonia believes that the destination of the journey is no longer very far.

Demanding for one's Homeland is a justified demand, however, invading the territory by military forces of the French Cameroonian army and it's genocidal conscequences is a crime against humanity, Mama Ambazonia further stated.

"Reading through the today's message of H.E Sisiku AyukTabe Julius, now languishing in the filty prison of French Cameroun along with thousands of his fellow Comrades, I am compelled to believe that the end of the struggle is near", she said.

Mama Ambazonia shares below the message of H.E Sisiku AyukTabe on today's sober anniversary:

Paulette Mengnjo aka MAMA AMBAZONIA

Fellow Ambazonians,
Today marks the 62nd anniversary of the greatest injustice that was done to us as a people; the day our fore-bearers were robbed of our nation's outright independence and treasures. Thankfully, with your blessing and support, it was restored on the 1st of October 2017. Our related correspondence to this effect was addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations. It was delivered and well received on that day at the UN-Hq in New York.

On the 30th of Nov 2017, in a show of flamboyant disregard for the lives of our people, the LRC government launched a heinous, despicable, senseless, and unwinnable war on our peace-loving people.

However, with the characteristic nature of our people, we are in self-defense mode as we pursue the international community for a peaceful resolution of this conflict through the dialogue table. The LRC government has remained intransigent, hypocritical, and flouts all international efforts to truly address the root causes of this problem and bring the senseless killings to an end. The ill-fated Canadian pre-talks, the Swiss talks, and multiple other efforts both internally and externally have at some point been disregarded by the Yaounde regime. Beware "violence begets violence," and the entire global community cannot continue to show this unprecedented level of indifference to the cycle of killings of the people of Southern Cameroons. The rights of our people can not be denied or trampled upon forever. Ultimately, the dialogue table is where this bloody problem will be resolved.

In spite of the carnage and the pain, our people remain strong, courageous, determined, steadfast, confident, focused, and resolute. We know that if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. Keep hope alive. The complete restoration of the independence of our Homeland will come with the release and liberty of the captives that all Ambazonians currently are; some are physically captives in LRC dungeons and some are mentally captive in foreign lands.

Our call of duty now is for all Ambazonians to remain focused and committed. We should continue to fund and support the struggle for the liberation of our homeland by taking care of the needy of the struggle. We all must begin to prepare and plan for the rebuilding of the ruins of our infrastructure, institutions, and our communities with human development as a priority. There upon, We shall gather at the foot of the mountain and Hail the land of glory.

Happy Independence Day, God bless Ambazonia, God bless Ambazonians.

Sisiku AyukTabe - KPPY
1st Oct. 2023